Indwelt Philosophy of the Shani Deva and Iron

My deep longing desire of the Myths and mythological stories craved me to write something which might be beneficial for the public to practice and take advantage of the some artifacts which have been referred in our Purana and some stories in the religious text of Sacred Santana Dharma. Dear Readers, after having a glimpse […]

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Frightened Piece!

Looking after the modernization, and the fragnant armpits we are likely more civilized and dominating species o the earth. The spheres of the atmosphere has been ornamentalised with our mighty deeds. In the mid era the desires and virtues were march towards the horizontal arch line whereas the interesting private acts led the vision to […]

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P’aid Professor

https://amzn.to/2H0Pl6OAmazon.in WidgetsP’aid Professor We all have one thing in common in our younger times and afterwards also the institution which sculpted you or perished you in a present situation what we are right now;some paid a thanks whether some regrets to the institutions for the remarks they engraved on their minds. The canteens of the […]

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Visionary Science : Magnetism

(to be Conti…….) They do exhibit their properties in a biochemical form. As, the universal rule in chemistry which obeys the principle , which happened outside is the similar one which is happening inside the body. As, in the chemical lab, we get to understand about the systems which has been broadly classified into open […]

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Visionary Science

Visionary Science When we look after the food pyramid, the chain of the provider and predator continues to until it reaches the apex. In order to fulfil the needs the we rely on each other to continue the life cycle. But can we dreamt of such thing where organism for their existence can skip the […]

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Mary Go round!

It‘s a dawn, the empty sky was searching for its prey, looking after which the darkness stood up start to ran away…. in order to build the another trap towards canopy region. Birds were ch ripping, the sound still instills in my mind as if they were acting as detective and giving a clue to […]

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Concept Of Pharmaceutical Practice in India and Challenge towards the future Pharmaceutical nutcrackers

First of all I wish to all fellow Pharmacist across the globe on this marvellous ocassion of WORLD PHARMACIST DAY and want to share some of the speculative aspects of contribution of the Indian Ethnos medicine which have been kept track of well being of the global health care system. India the land of charms […]

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Genious Fate!

Thoughts and thoughtfulness , mind and mindfulness, youth.and youthfulness, fate and fatefulness were some of the vocabs which gain their importance at the exceeding limit which definitely tends to infinity. Where the words quantify to become more important and meaningful. Here something in case of human behaviour which continues the unravelling mystery is the one […]

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Hostile Path!

Years went in buttering the path, The essence of spirit evaporate apart. Hard work has been replaced by futile job, Still esteem of knowledge is taking its pseudo wrath! Making someone’s happy becomes the white collar job, Strict attitude now become a suffocating carb. The era of the next generation were suppose to peep above […]

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Future in the Weed!

Looking over to the medicine, suddenly my thoughts turmoil,In the era of this patent, my ego of knowing sublimes,Medicinal history has forseen the era Papyrus Ebers to Materia Medica.The Holy scriptures and medicinal Indica.The Sages of the vedica and other from the medival time,Performs their activity including sacrifice and rites,Some of them transcends from solid […]

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Let your’self Shine!

In chasing , the race we hope for handful of bread!Keeping a good will , will never let you fadeBut some others intuition might let you the colours of different shadesJust come up with your true colour ,because no one is sane,In the mob of this blunderer most of thm are insaneThe fruit of the […]

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From Silk to Cocoon!

A wheeze of fresh air just touches my heart inside!Some cosmological phenomenon has their impact on my insight..Entry of some chicks let my bird to fly with rhythmThe essence of the newness just gloom from inside.After a long time I have taken a sigh of relief,Looking for  someone like a soulmate  ignite every moment of […]

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Re’Freshing Morning!

Ring of my clock, ranged without my will,It’s a sunday, please let me remain in!The Alarm is just telling me to come outside,Let’s have a talk with nature and walk countryside,The wave of the cool breezes are waiting for outside,Why being so ignorant you remain inside.Welcome , the nature with your first sight,Nothing is beautiful […]

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The Birth of ‘JOB’

The day this universe accomplish,Adam and Eve just observed the relish.Idleness and the boredom equipped the mind distort,Looking at each other both strangers got shocked.Slowly, the term called progress arrived,Now, they are able to engaged themselves in managing livestock.With a span time hopefully they thrive , the at which they are two now reach to […]

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“Karnapriya”: The Delicious Sound!

In the era of the gathering,The someone is given speech flatteringThe bees are now humming in the ground,Claps are most welcome to felicitate the crown!Words from the mouth salivate like a honey,Infact, sunburn are happening in these sunny!Countable pains are now transformed into ice cubes,As long as you deliver the masking truth.Artificial smile has to […]

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Moments of Journey!

Salt and sugar taste opposite,Blending the portion mends Composite,The moment you dehydrate need the both,So why to abandon any one of them utmost,Balance of life mean to come from them,Just give a moment to you what you exhale,Even a single stint of it make your moment memorable!After every cyclone the situations are going to stable.Never […]

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Gravity of thoughts!

Lost world we found,Light can also travel like that of sound,Discoveries nonetheless, were surprising,The hiding truth  vividly mesmerizing,Uncovering of the prevailed, launches  the career despite!No one bother unless it’s fruitful inspiteSky is limit become a mournful tale,Narcissism is slogan of the Modern spell,Language and the mediation creates a barrier rift,Very among the mob know how […]

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Raise up!

Not always you will ask,Someday you will have a task,Days are out with a fairy tale,When will you come out of the shell,In will of mercy, you forgot your strength,God has bestowed you with valor and ZenDon’t fabricate your mind with a dusty web,Come and look up yourself with a thirsty cane!Target your fish with […]

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An Innocent Stout!

As day move ahead with shining sunlight,Stoke of the ray striking my sight,The day leftover becomes my evening supper,The taste of food possess a lot of pepperVery less hope, remains for a living,Slurping the individual qualities were brewing,A lot of barrier have been seen apart,Now the went on for healing some scars,Beyond the throat slowly […]

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