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Un’defined’ relation

AnkiitzB'sen/ June 25, 2017/ Fictional writing/ 0 comments

Sense of attachment which is prevailing in this civilization records back to ages and the essence of someone on which relies show of the dependability. With the end of something always it’s the beginning for other. Presence of the even always gives us the sign of the presence of odds. This relation doesn’t end but gives enough length of the

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Tired steps

AnkiitzB'sen/ June 24, 2017/ Fictional writing/ 0 comments

Every division of organization starts from the self which we define it in a very nice way based upon the personal experiences. These experiences limits the outlook of a person who remain exempted from the journey of exploration; who clearly defines the horizon at which their thinking limits. As it is evident we have seen such events with ourselves in

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Guru and ‘Gurut’va

AnkiitzB'sen/ June 14, 2017/ Fictional writing

Our complete globe is a database of adversities, the adversities are dependent on its compostion and compositions are dependent of the ‘internet’ work and this network is dependent on the intra mobile or immobile moeity. So, relation is just like game of passing the ball amongst the available network. This our illusion of independability is vanish when we relate ourselves

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“LOC”: Status of Education

AnkiitzB'sen/ June 11, 2017/ Social awareness

Once person stands on the mountain and ask the another person who stand at the ground, ” Are you able to hear me…? Suddenly he asked, ” second quest are you able to see me?…. The person got entangled after asking for the so many times why he is not getting answer? Now the question is still not resolved. OK!

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Insight – Truth of “Beingness “

AnkiitzB'sen/ June 4, 2017/ Philosophy

Puzzling of mind with onscreen daily activities and coming up along with mental fatigue is a common problem in a day to day. After getting aware of the predictable happenings of routine events; we always remain in search of the adventure which blow our mind with refreshing and mind stroming activities. But really is that the thing which will last

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“Shunya”- tattva

AnkiitzB'sen/ June 3, 2017/ Philosophy

At once the teacher entered the class his session started with a choice to deliver a talk by means of the “black board” becomes “white” whereas sometimes “white” board becomes “black”. The message he deliver is a usual practice. But the act has something unusual which has created two sects of beliefs and the likes and dislikes led the to

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Rain of “E”-motions

AnkiitzB'sen/ June 1, 2017/ Romance/ 0 comments

Having a fun with mate is just like dipping a sponge in juice of raspberry. Where soul is hand- full of wish and the dreams illuminates with passion full of love and compassion. Stream fascination which attracts happenings towards you naturally. The perky smile of the hour which is always cheers having a lifetime companion of the pendulum ; rejoice

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