‘Power of Relativity’ and “Einstein”

images (36)Friends, father and mother and child alongwith the relatives……more and more different connections have their significance and importance; from this it is clear that whatever we define is restricted by certain ‘limits’, these limits ‘differentiate’ the one from other. These different limits have some relation between them which connects to ‘integrate’ the relationship. Which is having very important role in nurturing and flourishing the eternal philosophy of the nature. Now ,it becomes very easy to understand and to utilize the knowledge from segment of relation. Which can convert inanimate to animate. Which is being described numerous scientists, researchers,poet and writers and actors by their articles, wrtings,exhibitions ,poetry , films respectively.The power of relativity is spelled by our devi upasna where in the Indus civilzation gained importance and conserved the energy by praising the energy which limit,differentiate and integrate together they create a class which is known to conserve your existence on the earth,that’s why the people expression with specific notions have been transformed to emotions which keeps you attach with everyone and with no one. Einstein gained a popularity by simple fact but of immense importance with the help of numbers, that’s the point of self relaization, while Erwin Schrodinger gained the importance of relativity by physics and mathematics. Where now a days the importance relativity is turned out into complexity. Where the play of symbols and number became the sign of intellectual superiority but fail to gain its importance in common public. This relativity is so much powerful tool. If you understand to apply it in your day to day life you can perform the miracle with simple law of compatibility while ancient Indian sages have a better understanding of the relativity so that they create Shakti upasna stotra”ya devi sarva bhuteshu shakti rupen shanshthita, namastaseya namastsyeya namo namaha” which verbally relate the voice/sound vibration to thale shakti (any form of energy) which develops a certain stability in relationship with each and every thing around the universe and surrounding visibly and invisibly in which the three steps plays an important role limits , differentiation and finally committed to to unite (integrate) with all the elements of the body which is the miniature model of the universe which is immensely mysterious and vast deep inside like our galaxy and then universe. All the element which relate our body with celestial thing have to deal with all the known and unkown element of the body. It is immensely intresting and full of adventure when you attain you solitude presence in space or universe with deep silence inside. Stop distracting yourself because its era of distraction where criticism is having its more important place. So understand yourself and lead your life. Don’t hinder yourself in search of your identity. Sit in front the mirror and lead yourr life happily and more wisely you used to he ever.
-Ankiitz B’sen


“Vilakshanta” of ‘Vi’- gyan

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Rededefine, reformation, re- incarnation , revolution all these terms are very much familiar with us. Thinking of the new things made us to think of older one’s. Creation always follows its recreational templates. But the horizon increases as the time moves on intellect reaches the superb heights , inventions becomes the inspirational line of the discovered one. Where the chance of credit has been decleared to be debited. Where the postulation of science have iconised by loosing the one of the sense. Energy is being reinforced to channelised redefination of the existed one. The drama of the emotions have been categorized under the subtitle emotional intelligence. The disorders became the sustaining remarkers of modern scientist. The craze which have been developed for grivienaces now become the previlege of the modern competition. Wiseness became the joke of foolishness. Language became the sign of stubborness. Studies becomes the of hypothetical dogma. Intelligence become the stage joke for the subject of debate.The spiritual process become the copyright of religious dogma. Issues become the source of modern policy to irrigate the political virtues. The knowledge ‘Gyan’ becomes the orphan , ‘ Dharma’ is suffering from the capitalistic ideological syndrome. The special instinct “Vilakshanta” of the knowledge of has been transformed into ” Vikrut” – the perceptuality of insanity. ‘Re- verse’ of the act is diminishing the power of proper path by Global economic syndrome which suffered pandemically by virtues of the bucks which have been earned by loosing the importance of humanity towards the whomsoever it may concern. So ,my friends story end with thrbegining of something because someone told me ,” There is always a way, we have to look ourselves in the mirror with the outlook ” Vilakshanta” which guides you all the way”.

-Ankiitz B’sen

Flavour of Perfection

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It was a beautiful day, after office I came across the food street…..walking alone but observing the session curiously and keenly. Looking after the mob , I was speechless and getting irritated also by voicefull session. Now my mind is on chariot of the smells of the flavor that attracted me from all the four direction. Certainly, I decided to move towards the vendor selling “chat” and “bhel” , a popular street food in India. Standing in along make me feel terrific and horrible, simultaneously my eyes have cached by the vendor and the art of it preparation…… Ya , it’s the fact in your mind that its a common happening what’s so new in such act. But sometimes in order to difficult situation some simple phenomenon plays a major role. I want to mention that I was struggling from the harsh situation of my career where I accustomed and being struck myself at such a point which made me unproductive in my working domain whether the job I was doing is right one or I am on the wrong path. So, friends this is the mindful of adventurous moment I like to share with you all of guys who know at what point proved to be a boon in troubleshooting those situation. So, again I am back on the track , ” I am observing the art of preparation that vendor performing, the material he has along with him are the common one nothing so much special, they are placed serially on the platform and the amount of the spices, salt and other ingredient he is putting in a pinch and in equal proportion and sprinkling in the open vessel. Afterwards, shaking and mixing it all. The process of preparation is common and shaky but the outcomes is so much delicious.” This complete event opened my eyes which always thinks of something unatural which happen in life and will prove to be turning of ones destiny but I was wrong……..really really wrong. These are the balance of the flavours of the good or bad and their balance which can turn out anything in a most perfectional way. It happens with all of us , when our mind’s more attentive towards the result not on the efforts of the doer; which makes the fruit somewhat bitter and we loose interest from being a part of the process where a single consequence can give birth great happening. These are my observations and lesson I have learnt but rest decision is yours whether you are ready to taste the flavour of perfection or not. See guys ! God bless all you!
– Ankiitz B’sen