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‘Power of Relativity’ and “Einstein”

AnkiitzB'sen/ August 22, 2017/ Philosophy/ 0 comments

Friends, father and mother and child alongwith the relatives……more and more different connections have their significance and importance; from this it is clear that whatever we define is restricted by certain ‘limits’, these limits ‘differentiate’ the one from other. These different limits have some relation between them which connects to ‘integrate’ the relationship. Which is having very important role in

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“Vilakshanta” of ‘Vi’- gyan

AnkiitzB'sen/ August 19, 2017/ Philosophy/ 0 comments

Rededefine, reformation, re- incarnation , revolution all these terms are very much familiar with us. Thinking of the new things made us to think of older one’s. Creation always follows its recreational templates. But the horizon increases as the time moves on intellect reaches the superb heights , inventions becomes the inspirational line of the discovered one. Where the chance

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Flavour of Perfection

AnkiitzB'sen/ August 14, 2017/ Philosophy/ 0 comments

It was a beautiful day, after office I came across the food street…..walking alone but observing the session curiously and keenly. Looking after the mob , I was speechless and getting irritated also by voicefull session. Now my mind is on chariot of the smells of the flavor that attracted me from all the four direction. Certainly, I decided to

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