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The ‘Horn’ of the “Unicorn”

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 29, 2017/ Fanatical writing/ 0 comments

I am so fortunate to be an Indian but unfortunate to hid here……our environment is full of exception but one dramatic exception we always have in our workplace. In my childhood I was very much affectionate towards my idiot box, and its bulleting serials of 90’s….. Amongst them most lovable and cheerful humorous TV channels we have that time is

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‘Pavilion’- The virtuous home

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 22, 2017/ Philosophy/ 0 comments

Some instances in life happens in a sudden jerk, which are impulsive and need a lot of efforts and energy to overcome or to reach at that place which comes towards us, as a result of our own curiosity and exploratory nature. For the time being; it shows its all facets but initially only the the attraction, infatuation and feeling

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