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Cognition and ‘Re’-cognition: Clear story

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 28, 2017/ Cognitive Re"search": Manifesto/ 0 comments

Dear friends, we are very much familiar with the word ‘cognition’, which has been revealed in our day to day life frequently. But only few have proper idea of what its actually and how to utilize this make your living more worthy. As being an analyst, I am assessing numerous paper daily but one thing I get to know the

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The pain of “Ph.D”

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 11, 2017/ Social awareness/ 0 comments

Knowledge and assets have a long running relationship of Lion and rabbit, once you caught the knowledge it can pave a path to surmount any material assets. This theme always sounds good where the people till the people is using an asset as an accessories; slowly the era the changed and the values transformed and I will not speak further

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Reality:- The game of possibilities and Probablity

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 4, 2017/ Fanatical Poetry/ 0 comments

I took birth in the present generation, I stood up with the conventional education. My father occupies his position as a doctor, but I always dreaming of becoming a rockstar My fellow friends, looking towards me like a stranger. The day of modernization prevails in the society after the English invasion, but my loving fellows loves to loose their identity

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Rhythm of the “Boredom”

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 3, 2017/ Poetry/ 0 comments

  I spent my life as moron geek People look towards me as Pyschotic sneak Taking the thing seriously made me so harsh No people want to seek me with a kindness and spark Lesson of the life always bears me bitter fruit I loose the sense of the sweetness, and became a harsh from the upper suits. The flavor

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Master of the “Living” school!

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 2, 2017/ Poetry/ 0 comments

Years of learning , centuries of earning Life is no where with a school of  suffering Metaphor of the life becomes Irony sometimes Personification makes horrible the non living every time Similie is  having a war with tautology. Hyperbole is having a complete sake of the story Onometapea  made the sound so lively even if the wife went somewhere I

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“Seed” becomes the ‘Majesty’

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 1, 2017/ Fanatical Poetry/ 4 comments

Nature has made all with uniqueness But we are always there to find fatigueness Enjoyment of  the life we transform into sad one Asking to the majesty how you are insensible Humor of  the story always reveal himself in the end Then why to spend time in listening  holy shit rail Juice of the fruit is  there keep us healthy

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