Cognition and ‘Re’-cognition: Clear story

Dear friends, we are very much familiar with the word ‘cognition’, which has been revealed in our day to day life frequently. But only few have proper idea of what its actually and how to utilize this make your living more worthy. As being an analyst, I am assessing numerous paper daily but one thing I get to know the person who are drafting a paper have little bit of deformity with their cognition as indication and motive of writing reasearch work has become more a business more than imparting the research expriences with a common lay man public. And hence the common lay man is falling into the prey some malpracticing specialist who making money by bullying them with complicated and diverseedical terminology. Ok, coming back to the point I want share some of the useful information incontext to cognition without going in the deep meachanism which can make you feel ease in understanding main theme of the story. Cognition, forget about the origination of word focus on what it subject because you are using this word with different terminology. This complete process relies with understanding, identification, memory retention and regression and reterival of the information and the proper execution of the sequential events and the rhythmic organized happening of the life time events. For example,” If I am watching Salman Khan’s movie and suddenly the he utterred a dialogue and the response which you brain giving with respect to happening event and how well you are managable in the recollection of the event meant the rhythmicity of you mind to rewind the moment and visualize it properly. But again, the recollection is followed by the identification of the objects and person which is the main and critical in perception. Followed by those moment placement of the object in the surrounding places. Are some of the significant aspect which we concern in order to asses common aptitude of any peraonality. Also in some of the Govt. examination the assertions and reasoning plays a vital role in promoting the adaptability and the accepatbility of the frequencies from surrounding events. However, it has been seen almost majority of the peoples are afflicted with some kind of the cognitive disorder, so please dont make issue if you find some other with such kind of issue. Another face of the similar coin is ‘Re’-cognition, it has been more common and we are using in our day to day life like our talent has not been ‘recognize’d by any superior or colleague. See again you peoples are only teaching so leneantly and without any peer pressure on your brain to assimilate what is it. Recognition is usually considered to be a relative phenomenon where there is two personalities are coming into play to give a validity to the event which ensures the proper psychological inbuilt and understanding. For this kind of happening we need such person who has been validated to have physiologically well without any affliction but it is again like moron talk of the idealistic property however no person is ideally cogintivelly perfect they are on path of it and progressing. In order to understand the nature of the which validate the performance we have categorize based on the instinct reference such as Face validity which gives the clear phenotypic or superficial understanding of the easiness or difficulty in perception from their facial expression and the notion. Second one is constructive validity where again we search for the constructiveness of the idea and the placement which need higher cortical activity which is essentially a deeper proccess than the previous conclusive one. Third one is mechanistic validity criteria supports the previous and perform the follow up study in understand how the deep mechanism works to attend proper synchonization of the neurophysiological and the biochemical pathways to deliver the message and execute with a sheer perfection with respect to stored memory. And the final but not the least the we have hippopotamus (hippocampus) a store house which manages the data bank during complete life cycle and the detail about the hippo we will see in next lecture. Hope, guys this will help you little bit helpful in gaining essence of Cognitive Science before moving into pile and heaps of Geeks books. See you all and take care and heartiest thanks for giving your due time. Bye
– Ankiitz B’sen


Mahabharata: The delimma of ideology

Introduction of Ankiitz with Shri Krishna
The epic happening are the hallmark of Indian civilization, were the adventure and the mystery were plays hide and seek. Where and what moment the story will take next move we don’t know.Most of the made the children confused about their upbringing and the story world always welcomes you by a note: “Welcome to the world of coctail”.By the Master psychologist Shri Krishna is always glitter with a smile. When he memorize the event of the whole drama. At the sametime he is feeling painful also because all peoples are engage in worshiping him without understanding who he is? We keep on worshipping Geeta but we won’t understood its significance further onwards the era of divisibility came and the categorization of creed based on the likeness of the mind and the cold war started based ideological divisiness. Here amazing thing is that this book of policy were designed to make prosper the people’s life based on the events and struggle and the pain, suffering and conclusive wisdom which the Krishna acquired in his lifetime the goodness and bitterness of the lifetime event in the form of the questionnaire which have been created by Krishna , answered by Krishna and delivered by Krishna. But the question remains the same who is actually Krishna? You will get enormous books reciting the greatness of Krishna and his wisdom at the sametimes his mischevious face. But the thing is that nothing is great in the world no one great in this world and in the universe. By calling someone great we are making a safe corner for us to repeat and perform the menace and to our own life because we are not ready to take responsibility. Now the Krishna is crying and he went in an illusionary world where all the things are at their proper place which makes the world beautiful. But when he is coming back in reality , he is utter,” All the struggle of life gone waste , here the people made me God but fail to understand who am I. They placed my wordings into the prison of the book which is restricted to so called intelligent conjob while image is protarayed to have fun in name of playboy. Is it what am I?”. He is asking again and again. Why you worship the this hell identity. Now, the tears are watering from his eyes and he is saying,” Really , today I felt that I fail in my attempt, because the person who is making an attempt…..they place them in the air conditioned chamber with enclosed wall of marbles but they fail to understand the reason”. I was alone in my room just sitting watching him and feeling pitty of him, then I asked,” You are like us only , you also know to cry and the other sets of emotions we have similar you also possess”. Krishna looking at me strangely, says, ” yes! Of course, I am like you I also took birth from mother’s womb and I left earth after my death”. I smiled and thoughtfully one thing I intentionally want to ask him, he is starring at me with some feeling of turmoil and strangness.Now again I asked,” If you are common man then how you got the super powers and sudarshan chakra, what is the need of this accessories man, frankly?” Krishna keeping quite and pondering into my eyes replied,” what should I call you a friend, brother, kid or a strange person”. I got puzzled, ” why he is not giving answer to my straight forward question, and what rubbish he is asking we are worshipping him as agod now he is asking what shall he obliged me…. Strange and I am not understand let us ask him the reason,……. Krishna why you are asking me like that, if you don’t want to tell me then its ok! I will not asking you again. Krishna smiled on my innocence, he told me ,” Ankit, this is your name and my name is Krishna then there must br something which can relate me and you which finally stood out as a relation. Them only I will be comfortable with you.” I mesmerized and looking at him with my cross eyes I replied,” ok! If this is your condition, I am alone in this world I dont have a single friend, from today onwards I am relating you with me as my best friend”. Now Krishna got delighted, then replied” ok! My friend thanks for your friendship……………”(to be continued)
-Ankiitz B’sen

Deva’s and Rakshasha’s: The clan of evolutionary importance

Total zone of the persons mind is always tries to keep them busy in some investigation whether it will be real, imaginary or personal and even though practical also. Childhood is having a biggest impact on person mind and the series of upbringing plays the role in the later part of life. The idea imposed on the childhood has its distinct based on the condition and the struggle which both the parent and child has to track on and the incidences which keep on repetetive or one time momenteous mode. Now, the main question arise whether parents are the real parent or they have created or just genesized the output of enjoyment. Which roll on with mythical characters of the “Deva” and “Danava” (Rakshaha) and the happeneing incidences which led to origination of vedas and the upnishadas. Here, sometimes I laugh at the instances we are only creating , we are only judging and we are only managing and the responsiblity is always kept on the shoulder of some other. To make easier the sustainability and to preservere our ego very brilliantly by means of the set of policy created by few person of the society. Which we have regarded as the most wise one. Here, please take into note ” all the thing which uttering right now doesn’t makes the sense that all thing are incorrect or wrong but we have to further construct new society based on the necessary amendment, which help the new generation to keep track to prosper in their own life”. But the fictional characters are telling something else like Devas they are charming, beautiful and powerful and one special quality is that they vegeterenean and Next to them are Danavas they are dirty, single minded, ambitious and fickle minded but very much determined and powerful in enactment; one more special assets they are non- vegeterenean by nature. After my thought proccessing activity, I came to some conclusion that the evolutionary phase of the life is still not ended and the doom of the rakshasha clan is continuosly happened by the Devic community a long back series but not on the battle feild but by means of politics and the filthy trap. But if Devas are so much powerful then why there is a need of politics. However on the other hand if Rakshas are so much powerful why they are fickle mindee by nature and what made them ti indulge in certain sinful activity. This proccess goes on and the finally all the happenings are similar from both the sides but only one which makes the difference is the kind of food they are taking. And the evolutionary changes which happened so fast in Devas and the that this evolutionary phase which remain timid in case of Rakshasa. The psuedo belief that Rakshasha are wrong, being created by some highly evolved people to ascertain their affirmative position and chair. That’s what the final conclusion made to the story where the acceptability of mind the use of its optimum speed is very well answered by changing the food habits which may evolve to you to its optimum and the fictional character like Devta and Rakshasha will play no more vital role in your life. This is what this generation has to understand fromtheir parents to judge and to execute but nowadays its harsh but brutal truth have child making machine but dont have proper protocol to made them a finished product.Total brain and mind goes in stucking ears in others progressive activity but our own shadow darkness falls in the bitter trap. Need of the time, need of the hour and need of the hour , is need of the minute and need of the minute is need of the second. But we still engagaed in the fullfilling of the moment which is not at all complete unless and the connectivity of chain is properly maintained. Be wise but thoughtful……! Hope your brain get oiled šŸ™‚ -Ankiitz B’sen

The pain of “Ph.D”

Knowledge and assets have a long running relationship of Lion and rabbit, once you caught the knowledge it can pave a path to surmount any material assets. This theme always sounds good where the people till the people is using an asset as an accessories; slowly the era the changed and the values transformed and I will not speak further as the signs are ok for the wise dude. But the revolution of the market and necessity of position have created an havoc in the present world. We are very much misfortunate to have proper guide and command in execution to make things happen in our early stage of life. We struggled slowly , the spark of the fire of the effortful struggle sparklee amongst the eyes of the candidates. The weakest shoulder became the support for thousands of the unprivileged one. And the extract of the total life journey surpassed in the form of slogan from the reformative personalities. This slogans and teaching proved to have vital in the survival and the problem mending capability amongst the common public. The success which relies on the versatality of the sets of principle which become endorsed for generation to generation to ensure proper placement of the energies which made the things to happen in a most predictive way which have been imagined and hypothesized by the person to from its creative zone. This is how the “Philosophy” came into existence with flavour of total extract of the work and wisdom. It can work in whichever the way we want. But slowly the session changes the dearer becomes the sufferer, how the potential transformed into kinetics of radicality. Where radical attitude have created by th wise people in order to pursue social recognition and humility, placement of the energies move across the hand of another class of the greedy and wicked sect of the knowledge , they have splendidly transform the knowledge into “know”- ledger which is the first debut of their creativity in world of illusion, where the innocence of mind becomes the slave and most oftenly a prey; for the sake wicked goodness. The range of the education and fruits of the penace is being enjoyed by the king makers. They have massively transformed the philosophy as the non-functional asset and performing the underground practices in the name of the philosophy. Now, philosophy became a matter of copyright and publication. Potential is replaced by the reference. Mindless fellows got the position in th hierarchy and the truth and judgement become the slave of the nasty. Session of disrespect to genuine and noble falls into the category of the misfortunately fortunate one’s. Doctoral of the chairperson become a gift to slurrpy one. The heaviness of the heart and disgust and grief inner intution becomes suffocative and torture of potential made the ” Philosophy” to cry in deep pain But crown of the Doctoral humiliates by become crown unwanted stain.
-Ankiitz B’sen

Newsletter:- “Morning Sip with B’sen”

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Authorā€™s note..

One child asked a simple quote to his Master what is the difference between heart and the brain, what is the connecting Ā relation which maintain both of them selfly regulated , one is not asking a permission to other but since they are altogetherĀ  performing well. What is a dispute amongst which makes them autonomous? The innocence has performed his job but letā€™s see what a logic will perform. The storms of the curiosity is now grooming amongst cerebral hemisphere of the kid and the Master. Master stood asideĀ  claiming that he knows the answerā€¦ā€¦. Few moment, oh my god ,ā€I canā€™t bear this kid is mischievous one want drag me with filthy curiosity!ā€ Master shout. Slowly he starts murmuring Ā andĀ  hating the kid but innocence played a game so elegantly. Kid was there standing quiet but little bit strange by the behavior of his master. Next day ..Master in full disgust expel the kid from his academy.Ā  Kid eyes were full of water, but unable to understand what his innocent question does to master. Master came out his chamber looking at the kid with a pity .Now the head of the kid fall down and the steps become as heavy as the of donkey who is carry a cotton wetted by waterā€¦ā€¦ rush of the blood is flushing on his face. Now the new ideas were somersaulting in the kid hollow compartment ā€¦ā€¦Master slowly is getting apart from the fading intensity of thoughts. Slowly the pole dimagnetĀ  is changing itā€™s position from north pole to south pole and south pole to north pole. Now, kid wants to work on the divisive policy slowly the place of the innocence is grabbed by futility and the induction of the reversal happening with the Master slowly feeling of the rage and anger is misplaced by mercy and gratitude and sanity take the place of the wisdom.

Hmm, So my fellow reader the above story is having a fact if want to extract but there is no teaching if you donā€™t want to accept.Ā  Similar condition now prevailing the society, some wants to speak something Ā but other gains something else total drama ends up with cognitive decipheringĀ  activity. Which is slowly paralyzing the young brain to churn outĀ  focused and the mentorsĀ  are to forbiddable scar of theĀ  brutally slaughteredĀ  into ideological meat of the enthusiasm which turn out into a future hard skinned bark of the dead tree. Which is able to grow with wealth of the harsh phytochemicalsĀ  which needs the purification to its limit. Medically, we searched for the epidemiological data for the disordered personalities based on their affliction they are attaining in the early and latter stages of life. But itā€™s a time to make a choice what we want to giveĀ  to this generation I am not talking about the future generation nothing is going to happen in the future whatever is there is today. No thing is there in future. The nutshell of the present life show growing number of the slaves form the cerebral point of view . We claimed the physical challenging condition of the medical physiologically unsound person but what about the other with soundness in all senses behave in the non sense way. The message is hard to digest but once you the essence it will more harness you more the nectar which god in paradise is still lacking. These words straight from my heart which more or less tell degrading present scenario which often seems like a sand which is in our fist but slowly passes from hand because of incapability of the Sapiens.

Thank you!


-Ankiitz B’sen





-Ankiitz Bā€™sen

Reality:- The game of possibilities and Probablity


I took birth in the present generation,

I stood up with the conventional education.

My father occupies his position as a doctor, but I always dreaming of becoming a rockstar

My fellow friends, looking towards me like a stranger.

The day of modernization prevails in the society after the English invasion,

but my loving fellows loves to loose their identity as ledger.

Soon ,the era of the young gen wait to enter in the theater,

But my thought processing malfunction and match me in the field of the fixer.

Sorrows of the experiences sits on the yards of the ground,

Hope finds the coverage on the mount.

Criticalness of the science uttered based on personal belief,

Thatā€™s why my age old commerades take a sigh of relief.

Corruptness of the thinking makes the life completely paralysed

Does do we have a guts to accept reality as bouncerā€™s trail

Speak truth always commits brilliant history to take sucide

However, image in the mirror always keeps the illusion inside.

Becoming a science freak always becomes a job of the looser

Thatā€™s why mad hatter kept Always Alice in comapanion of moosers

Shift of thought happens within a fraction

But every challenge vanishes by terrific action.

Need always becomes shadow of the needful

When struggle came all of us want to spit on a shit bull.

Some day in an open yard looking towards the twinkle sky,

Smile cames surprisingly , without asking the brain to go ahead.

Will something doesnā€™t support the will

But the bill of the karma always puts the balance sheet on the hill

Slowly innocence is taking a place of the wrath

Humanity seeks the to cut the bulls apart

Question becomes terribly fearful

Donā€™t know who and when make him the horrible pull

At last story of end with coverage or routine

All are the memories live in realities by wearing costlier suitings.

-Ankiitz Bā€™sen



Rhythm of the “Boredom”



I spent my life as moron geek

People look towards me as Pyschotic sneak

Taking the thing seriously made me so harsh

No people want to seek me with a kindness and spark

Lesson of the life always bears me bitter fruit

I loose the sense of the sweetness, and became a harsh from the upper suits.

The flavor of the strawberry always the sweet,

But the vision of the person make the fruit as a matter of tweet

Local peoples lives so splendidly with their kudos

My face is just like rotten appleā€™sĀ  shits

I lost the juice of the rejoice

Now no one is there to hear the this beast voice.

I always dreamt of the some beauty will come in my life,

So she can make this beast to make romance with his wife

All my lifeā€™s rhythm goes in trouble

Now trying make a music but turns out in a total shout.

DaysĀ  alongĀ  I started to do yog with mind

Slowly the matter changes , and I got clarity of life

Illusions got separated and reality becomes my life

Thatā€™s why I am singingĀ  the rhythm of the “Boredom” with painful voice.

-Ankiitz Bā€™sen