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Happy new year – Morning Sip with B’sen

AnkiitzB'sen/ December 31, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Hi, to all my lovely readers and my fellow respective authors I on behalf of Morning Sip with B’sen wishing all the wordpress member from the bottom of my heart and praying to fullfill all the good wishes this coming year and a warm welcome to all the user on terrific and surprising platform of 2018. Thanks for your love

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Power=Righteous attitude

AnkiitzB'sen/ December 29, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Before going through the story, I want to convey my message to all the readers, those who have guts to accept the truth only read the article otherwise neglect the message. This story starts from the ambition and ends with misery. There was a guy, polite, honest , daring and hard working are some of the feature which figure him

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The pull of energy and the mysterious “Pineal gland”

AnkiitzB'sen/ December 20, 2017/ Coginitive Re"search": Manifesto/ 2 comments

Years after year everytime we come across the new theory which defines different aspects of the energies and their outlook regarding and their life expriences. Eventually, I am ayogic practioner and still in the progressing stage but I am also a pharmaceutical post-graduate, so my outlook is always moving forward in stream of therapeutic needs and observational facets of happening

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Wisdom: The sign of an idiot

AnkiitzB'sen/ December 11, 2017/ Thoughtfulness/ 0 comments

Reading books, novels, and the biopics of an examplary have a lot to do with the geek members, society and status upgradation. We feel to much comfortness when we talk about the principles and modesty , perseverance and humanhood. We always teach our kids to be polite and honest which is the best policy of all times. But when child

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Struggle and the surrogate envious anger

AnkiitzB'sen/ December 10, 2017/ Thoughtfulness/ 0 comments

All of us existed as a life form with different organisation of miniature architect. With different nature, different lifestyle and with different ambition. In that cycle we have to undergo different phases some with sweet memories and some are the bitter. But at the time of this progression some how human nature become orthodox and for some who invites all

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Graho ki ‘Ucchata’ aivum ‘Nichta’

AnkiitzB'sen/ December 1, 2017/ Philosophy/ 0 comments

Pathako, jivan me nirantar hone wale badlav aur uski gati ka vishleshan hum humsesha se hi karte aa rahe. Jivan prithvi par sthapit hua uska ek apna karan hai, aur yah bhi satya hai ki agar hum kisi vishay par agar sochne jaye usme bahot kuch hasil kar sakte aur agar na chahe to kuch bhi nahi. Kya iska sambandh

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