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Hi, to all my lovely readers and my fellow respective authors I on behalf of Morning Sip with B’sen wishing all the wordpress member from the bottom of my heart and praying to fullfill all the good wishes this coming year and a warm welcome to all the user on terrific and surprising platform of 2018. Thanks for your love and blessings and wish to continue in this year also.


-Ankiitz B’sen


Power=Righteous attitude

Before going through the story, I want to convey my message to all the readers, those who have guts to accept the truth only read the article otherwise neglect the message. This story starts from the ambition and ends with misery. There was a guy, polite, honest , daring and hard working are some of the feature which figure him out very well. His perception was something intutive which makes the person to think about the events. Whenever any person talks to him he always stays and keeps a side of justice and truth. He always pretend to be in opposite fashion in any meeting arranged by authorities in whichever the institution he studied. Even the people of his own families dislikes him because of his perception and outspoken attitude. That guy always remains a quite. Sometimes, are hard for him because he was signfying a characteristic revolutionary attitude. The thinking of that guy is so simple but others were having silver coated berries to provide. And the guy has only knowledge to provide. But whenever some meets were there he talks about the values and righteous attitude. One day, his destiny want to check his firmness of the words and has created an illusionary kick to know the potential present inside him. The guy was so simple that he was unaware about present worlds behaviour. He was accustomed to series of incidences by the nature, he passed his senior secondary examination with a boundary marks, were his character was illcited to get blotted by name of cheater, which he avoided and move on further he get trapped in such a world were all are masters in making malpractices and ill thing were undertaking on a large scale. That guy was feeling fearsome of this event, it was a first time when he was trapped. He got opposition not only from his family but also from the his friend circle. Slowly his friends moves away from him by knowing that he quited his education from a reputed institution and got admitted in the remote area where only the person who want to get passed are being admitted. This has already created a huge trauma to that guys mind but he was strong, he keeps on going further the relatives of his blood relation were behaving with him so strangely that he was a predefined culprit. The guys has assimilated that poison if disgrace also. Next, his commerades were behaving strangely then his professor who loved him a lot look at him by suspicion. Now, the thing are getting more and more harder …… he lost his confidence and the illusionary world has trapped him were he was alone everyone was taking aadvantage of his softness. His feelings were getting turmoil. Now he has been decleared as predetermined culprit. He loved the his relatives so much and he care for them in a true sense.Now they turn out to be pathetic. The day of judgement came his session of examination started his mind was equipped with fear, hallucination, social isolation and withdrawal. He become a matter of joke for all. All the people were judging him from his score card. But that day he won the ecamination whichntge nature has conducted i.e test of conduct. Where he has been availed with numerous stuff for malpracticing but he denied his intution and his principles were so strong that day he passed in the in his fate examination but failed in the academic examination. The blot was on his face for failing but the reward was there were his consciousness won. Slowly, that failure candidate moved with a lot of allegation and finally he has been accounted in the great scientist amongst the world whose name yet is of none importance because his struggle narrates the whole story which disregards the wrong path and following the path of righteousness proved. The power truth is far more than we ever imagined. Thanks
-Ankiitz B’sen

The pull of energy and the mysterious “Pineal gland”

Years after year everytime we come across the new theory which defines different aspects of the energies and their outlook regarding and their life expriences. Eventually, I am ayogic practioner and still in the progressing stage but I am also a pharmaceutical post-graduate, so my outlook is always moving forward in stream of therapeutic needs and observational facets of happening event. Here’s a grooming mystery which is always making my minds so obseesed with the event in which no solid mediator is available but the mutual transfer of any matter from one place to other is really something mysterious and something which usually people keeps a secretes. Which is not at all disclosed by any person which have created the curiosity and little bit of the darkness which need to be shown some torch. Because, these thing being simple have been framed so impure and unelegant for the persons living in the society. Knowledge is always a pure thing but as you know the pure has always a threate and porne to get contaminate and impure. The certain portion of thr integral science have been culminated and the main philosophy or the root of the science have to suffer from the negligence and hatred and other things by our society. We know that if you step out of something, you have to step in also for some causes at that time how you will define negativity. Friends, we know that when we are at the to there is tendency to go down and vice versa. Similarly, if we look after our body which have been mostly utilized to have to full fill the wordly desire of the respect and luxury bla….bla. But if we look curiously then we get to know the single word uttered by us is having something more to know then the rest we have observed. Mostly, by most of the intellectuals, it has been postulated that this kind of the curiosity and the deep analysis is to be done byost smallest gland of our body known as “Pineal gland”. As of now I know we are strictly accustomed to have a practical evidences. But there are always something which we strongly feel but for the illustration we have to struggle and make the people know about the happenings of the nature. Infact, recently I have an accidental expreince of the energy exchange by means of the photographs and but how it happen even the image has nothing to do with any such phenomenon. What is the accidental case I will discuss it in the next blog. So , be thirsty and be curious because there is a lot which I can explore. – Ankiitz B’sen

Wisdom: The sign of an idiot

Reading books, novels, and the biopics of an examplary have a lot to do with the geek members, society and status upgradation. We feel to much comfortness when we talk about the principles and modesty , perseverance and humanhood. We always teach our kids to be polite and honest which is the best policy of all times. But when child reach to its grown up phase he suppose to get affilicted with turmoil. Honesty which becomes the sign of slavery. Politeness becomes the sandal of Futile. Perseverance has left its own sense. Goodness become the sign bullying a simple person. Teachings of the childhood are now blossoming and blooming but the environments has kept the fragranance of filthier attitude. Man with money becomes the policy maker and ground level person becomes the railing tutorial to reach at the pinnacle. Studies lost their charm when it exposes to the practical reality. Falsehood of the parents becomes the curse for their own yards. Slaughtering of the beliefs and the facts realise the actual duty of the young one. A pleasant smile has been replaced by the facepack of guilt. The honour of the education and degrees find their stupendous position in the dustbin. The beliefs of the neighbhourhood become the lifeline of the kid where he lost the perception and the power to analyze the feild. Imposition of thoughts has their golden era where the father find their kids as offering their wish and dreams to the Campfire. Smile of some other we learn to keep on our face but lesson to grow has already lost its space. Comments of some other person becomes the important remark for the characterizing and putting milestone to the life. Laughther of the ones goodness has become the right of society. Now the question arises whether I took birth for the society or society for my wellness right. Righteous attitude often becomes a charge to get murdered while wrong attitude has always been awarded with a gold medal. After a long, we fail to treat any hazardous disorder and by the grace of the Cancer many got the bread and butter. Smartness has lost its importance and modified it into new definition where they refer it be like one thing which accomplish in the short duration. Physicians got the degrees to treat the others life , now we are not getting the dead body unless you put their pockets full of bribe. The inactiveness and loose nature of the government has led the private capitalisation to monopolise the common mans right. This is all about the wisdom which becomes a sign of an idiot and which makes you to blindly shine.
– Ankiitz B’sen

Struggle and the surrogate envious anger

All of us existed as a life form with different organisation of miniature architect. With different nature, different lifestyle and with different ambition. In that cycle we have to undergo different phases some with sweet memories and some are the bitter. But at the time of this progression some how human nature become orthodox and for some who invites all the incidence with supple mindedness their life accustomed to be versatile. Whereas, it has been observed that the scars of the struggle are just like an ornament whose each and every hammer drives the nail provides a beautiful scenary which at the begining felt like an absurd and filthy image with so much of impurities. But finally the finishing touch of the sculptor made the fine carvings and ensure the significance and grace of artifact. But, taste sometimes falls into bitter guard when those struggle journey laid the deep stictches which is painful and surely left some place in body with delicate remarks which need to be take care . The ese sensitive cravings are stimulated whenever the relapse of such incidence happen which laid you completely shaken. The healing of these envious wound is in search to heal where for the very first time I dont have any answer to claim which sometime transforms in the form of rage or sometime blunts the progress……… It’s a painful voice which ask for help with love of your viewers someday I hope it can again transform into jewel. -Ankiitz B’sen

Modern medicines Vs Philosophical medicine and the illusion of curing

Dear friends, after a long time again time made me to connect with you all. Your appreciation and recognition made me to write this blog confronting the activist part of modern phase of medicine practicing and the impact on the lives by creating an illusion which becomes a solistic tool for the modern healer to make their space in the market. Hope, you all understood the fact which I really want to share with you all. Some of my expriences which I have incurred in past few decades, one thing with which we are all connected in a knot is of sharing of either even or odds which makes you feel delight and little bit free from the disgust which prevails in our mind. Likewise, today my mind is equipped with one of the thought which now framed itself in the mould of commerce at the rate of persons live. Buisness is essential and good to give strength to the nation and the common public for the sake upliftment and to progress in the brewing society. But is the word which is making a difference and essentially changes the meaning of the scene. When actualness is manifested by the layer of icing illusion. Where the taste is sweet when you slurrp the tounge but the real instinct the person is getting after finishing the inner mantle who knows what the treasure has kept deep inside the cookies. Ok , now lets come to the point most of the time medicine which have been practiced out in routine phase has its own setback while the question came towards the healing and curing process and the world has become ardent follower of the temproary pursuit of the superficial remedies. Which have been glamourized and commercialized by the marketing agents. Where the principle of ‘One patient cures means one customer lost’ is prevailing at its peak. But real benefit of this quotation is proved when someone from our own family has to struggle from this aforesaid quotes. While next face of the coin shows the probablity of the medicine which doesnt cures the superficial ailments but it can cure the eternal existence to which we called it as vital power. Which makes you exist. Where the modern ideology has demolished the actual perception of the medicine as the thing which captivates the synergy and revitalizes the vital energy which can be implemented in any form which can be more suitable for consumption either in the form of solid drugs, liquid, air or any other of form in which quatization of energy is happening which literally supports the law of conservation of energy and certain physical laws acclaimed in the Quantum physics and where all th mechanics are pure working in a applied sense. According to Geeta, in some of the sholkas it has been indicated that medicine is not the thinfg which cures the ailment but it is the thing which reconstruct the path to easiness by means of the all th sense provided with in a body where mediator may be of any type or it may present in any state. Similar, quotes we obtain from the Homeopathic compendia of medicine ‘Organon’ a stupendous compilation of the medical philosophy by Dr. Samuel Hanneman , ‘ It is not the disease which is going to be cure but its reorganization and reinstate the easiness of vital energy which has been disordered for a time being’. So, in such circumstance we beating the ideology of the manhood and discard the simple known fact which we know already.Even in the last moment of life we play with our body with lot of doctrines of philosophy which has cultivated the trap of illusion. Apart from seeking the truth which always lies below your hips. Hope you have understand……just rack it out!
-Ankiitz B’sen

Graho ki ‘Ucchata’ aivum ‘Nichta’

Pathako, jivan me nirantar hone wale badlav aur uski gati ka vishleshan hum humsesha se hi karte aa rahe. Jivan prithvi par sthapit hua uska ek apna karan hai, aur yah bhi satya hai ki agar hum kisi vishay par agar sochne jaye usme bahot kuch hasil kar sakte aur agar na chahe to kuch bhi nahi. Kya iska sambandh humari dristikon ke anusar hota ya koi adrishya shakti bhi hume iske anusaran ke liye prerit karti hai. Jivan ke kaal chakra bahot kshan aise bhi aate hai manushya ke liye gaurav ka karan banate aur kuch humari vimansyata ka. Jise ki har manushya ne apni samaj ke anusar avam apni bhasa ke anusar sambodhit kiya hai. In sab karano ka samavesh humne bramhand me hone wale tare, graha aur nakshatra ki gati stithi aivum unke gochar ka mapan karke darshan shashtra ke binah par niv rakhi gayi. Kuch bate jo saral hai par unka bodh hume tab hi hota hai , jab nirasha, har aur ahamkar ka nash hota hai. Saral shabd saral hokar bhi aajivan humare liye paheli banke rah jata. Jaha insan uski icchaye sada kuch naya karne ke liye prerit karti hai
Wahi kisi bhi chiz ki adhikta aivam adat ho jane par hum swayam uske das ban jate. Jo pahle chize pratyaksha hoti wo bhi aprtyaksha anubhav hoti hai. Usi prakar insan to dharam path par agrasar rakhne ke liye bahot si lokouktiya manushya samuday ke samne rakhi gayi jisme ki shabdo ki vatavikta ka darshan hota hai parantu kahani ki apratyakshata ka prman bhi manga jata hai. Jisme ki katha ke sar ko smajhne ki bajay hum uski udbhav ke itishas ki apni drishti ko badhate hai. Isi tarah kalyug ki karya pranali kam karti hai jaha dharm ke vishay me gyan dena bahot ho chuka hai par dharm me jeena bahot mushkil.
Maf kijiyega mai apne vishay se alag jakar is katha ki shuruat ki par is chiz ko samajne ke liye uski parikalpana niv ko janana atyanta mahattva ka hai. Chaliye hum aaj ke vishay par charcha karte hai . Graho ki ucchata aivum nichta. Ya bhavanao ki mahatta ya unki unki kshinta. Ya karma ki adhikta ya unki nyunta. Ya kisi vishesh bhog ki upyuktata aur kisi ki upeksha. Hum sab jante hai agar kisi ke ghar hume bhojan ke liye bulaya jaye to hum unke ghar atithi ke roop me aamantrit hote hai. Aur har atithi ki apni apni visheshta hoti hai. Vo visheshta unki kabhi unki vastavik sthiti ke dwara hume malum pad jati athva kuch ko samajne ke liye prayas ki adhikta hoti. Kuch apne alankar aivum aishvarya se prabhavit karte hai to kuch apni vakchutarta se. Kuch apni gopniyata aivum rahsyamayi acharan se to koi apni mithi bato se. Par aisa kyu hota hai ek vishishta vyakti kisi ek ke guno se jyada prabhavit hota hai wahi dusra vyakti us vyakti ke acharan ko tuccha manta hai. Matlab , kisi vyakti vishesh ke liye unki ruchi ucchatam star par hoti hai to kuch vyakti unke liye mulyahin sabit hote hai. Aur srushti na galat thaharne wala satya hai. Jise maroda nahi ja sakta toda nahi ja sakta aur badla bhi nahi ja sakta . Par use prakashit karne tarika jarur alag alag ho sakta hai. To yaha par teen sthitiya nirman hoti jo unke do vichardharao vale vyktiyo ke ird gird ghumati. Aur sambhavanao ko pragat karti hai jaise ki ho sakta hai unme pyar badhe, ya shatruta ya phir kuch bhi nahi. Par pyar ka bhi ek star ho sakta , shtruta ka bhi ek star ho sakta aur kuch aisi sthiti jisme kisi bhi star pe jaye unka koi prabhav dono me se kisi bhi vyakti prabhavit na karta ho. Aur prakriya sulabh hai , prakrutik jisme bas prakriti ke niyam hi lagu ho sakte. Use prtyek vigyanik ho ya phir tattava gyani unhone apni apni bhasha me uvacchit kiya hai.
Aap me man umad rahe prashno ko mai samaj sakta hu ki aapne apne sirshak me graho ki baat ki aur jahan aap padh rahe hai yaha graho ka kahi ullekh hi nahi hai. Yahi to manusya ka svabhav hai jivan me hone wale badlav aivum sthityo ko samajne ke hum humesha se hi kisi door chiz, vastu , purush, stri ya phir anya graha ya sitaro ki ganana pe vishwas adhik rakhte hai na ki apne vastavik jivan me hone wali kamiyo ko sudharne ke bajay.
Humara sampoorna jivan apratyakshtae phal rahe kisi aise phal ki apeksha karte jise na dharan karne ki hum me kshamta hai. Kshamta dhire dhire badhayi bhi ja sakti hai par kya vartman sthiti ko bhul kar apni kshamta se adhik aap uska bojh utha sakte ho nahi. Phir parishram karo apni kshamtao ko badhane ke liye na ki sirf apni chetna to parikalpnao ya vicharo me hi kunthit rakhne ke liye. Graha ya nakshatra usi prakar apna karm nirdharit roop se kar rahe unki shtruta kisi se nahi . Par humare swasth me hone waale vyav dhan se samasya ka janma hota naki kisi ke adharm athva akarm se.
Jai shani dev.
– Ankiitz B’sen