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Modern medicines Vs Philosophical medicine and the illusion of curing

Dear friends, after a long time again time made me to connect with you all. Your appreciation and recognition made me to write this blog confronting the activist part of modern phase of medicine practicing and the impact on the lives by creating an illusion which becomes a solistic tool for the modern healer to make their space in the market. Hope, you all understood the fact which I really want to share with you all. Some of my expriences which I have incurred in past few decades, one thing with which we are all connected in a knot is of sharing of either even or odds which makes you feel delight and little bit free from the disgust which prevails in our mind. Likewise, today my mind is equipped with one of the thought which now framed itself in the mould of commerce at the rate of persons live. Buisness is essential and good to give strength to the nation and the common public for the sake upliftment and to progress in the brewing society. But is the word which is making a difference and essentially changes the meaning of the scene. When actualness is manifested by the layer of icing illusion. Where the taste is sweet when you slurrp the tounge but the real instinct the person is getting after finishing the inner mantle who knows what the treasure has kept deep inside the cookies. Ok , now lets come to the point most of the time medicine which have been practiced out in routine phase has its own setback while the question came towards the healing and curing process and the world has become ardent follower of the temproary pursuit of the superficial remedies. Which have been glamourized and commercialized by the marketing agents. Where the principle of ‘One patient cures means one customer lost’ is prevailing at its peak. But real benefit of this quotation is proved when someone from our own family has to struggle from this aforesaid quotes. While next face of the coin shows the probablity of the medicine which doesnt cures the superficial ailments but it can cure the eternal existence to which we called it as vital power. Which makes you exist. Where the modern ideology has demolished the actual perception of the medicine as the thing which captivates the synergy and revitalizes the vital energy which can be implemented in any form which can be more suitable for consumption either in the form of solid drugs, liquid, air or any other of form in which quatization of energy is happening which literally supports the law of conservation of energy and certain physical laws acclaimed in the Quantum physics and where all th mechanics are pure working in a applied sense. According to Geeta, in some of the sholkas it has been indicated that medicine is not the thinfg which cures the ailment but it is the thing which reconstruct the path to easiness by means of the all th sense provided with in a body where mediator may be of any type or it may present in any state. Similar, quotes we obtain from the Homeopathic compendia of medicine ‘Organon’ a stupendous compilation of the medical philosophy by Dr. Samuel Hanneman , ‘ It is not the disease which is going to be cure but its reorganization and reinstate the easiness of vital energy which has been disordered for a time being’. So, in such circumstance we beating the ideology of the manhood and discard the simple known fact which we know already.Even in the last moment of life we play with our body with lot of doctrines of philosophy which has cultivated the trap of illusion. Apart from seeking the truth which always lies below your hips. Hope you have understand……just rack it out!
-Ankiitz B’sen

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