Sorry friends, for making you all wait a long, here I am with a new genre of my article on Morning Sip with B’sen. Dear readers, a long way I was grilled between what I am and what society want me to be, hope this is a common quest and very horrible situation in which a person fetch difficulty and takes time be in decisive position. Few months ago, I lost my job and the session of misery knocked my door. She was asking me ,”May I come in!” …….my eyes bulged out and suddenly a gulp of grief struck in my throat. After a long session of torture and harrasment, with blessing of my bad health; I lost my grip from the situation and all of the sudden I was knocked out from the my workplace. That was a day of freedom but somehow something is there which is slowly trying to manifest my health slowly slowly. First symptoms of blissfulness and sense of freeness along with athoughts of high command and the plan of future commanding projects are flying and chirpping like a sparrow which gets escaped from the prison. Afterwards , second symptom of grief which slowly takes place when the person is being pulled the gravity of the reality and the activation of the conscious mind. Third symptom, slowly slowly grips towards the change in attitude from hostility to cowardness. Fourth symptom, slowly it moves your intution towards the judgemental position where real value of the materials shows an unforgettable attitude. Fifth symptoms, your intellectual grace is slowly subjected towards th disgrace where the observer is claiming the prediction of your deed with words of cynaide. Sixth symptoms, now the opponent succeeded in making you uproot completely without a mere particpation. But friends, according to law of magnestism, flicking of poles and induction of the magnetic energy can be happen if the like poles come in the procimity of each other which is acritical point and can be regarded as the game changer. Now, slowly the smile again starts to enter in my intution and the expression were dancing on my cheeks, feeling of liberation is quoted by my lips. And a tokens of tease is reflecting by my teeths. I am unable to express my feelings which dramatize the moment towards the misery to the moment of prosperity and delightfulness. This rugged proccess is slowly attained the instance of maturity where the sweat tranforms into the salt and irritation of salt makes the skin to secrete the oil which redeemed the process of rebuilt and suppleness. Is this not a way in which the struggle should end why always have passive sad happening just strike one of tne spark of possiblity and the oil of your belief and the cotton of enthusiasm and make your opponent in a trap of seld guilt which will come slowly as I as speak always……….
– Ankiitz B’sen

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