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The Ectasy of Moon Scorpio

The ectasy of the moon scorpio After a long back , with hustle and fustle for the selection of my next segment again I am infront of you guys. There was a story of King Arthur we heard it in our childhood was the which trace backs the mysterious remark on the face of everyone does such things happens the normal life or it is just a fantasy. Most of us are pertained by the string of bread and butter next to it is being concern this kind of are the actual kind of puzzling illusions. But answer to this is yes! Guys I want to tell you a story one kid and journey of the scars from the begining upto the end of its fading time. Once upon a time in 21st century there was a village known for the trade and prosperity. But night time in that village is of whisper that no one is able to listen. A snorr of the blasting bubble is always created next to the doorside of village entrance. Small kids were not permitted to go there as the sign of something unsual comes from the border of the village. The path of the village is guarded by village diety and it is said that village deity in the solitude form is present there all time. But occassionally some family members moved from that path in th bullockcart and stuck in between the path with anonymous person with miser condition. Looking at him, creates the feeling of sanity but for the sake of humanity they helped him. After coming to the entrance we found that the person is not there and the eyes of child which sit along with him remain shocked. That shock takes away his consciousness. The bullock cart rider remain astonished. He came to know about the things after the destination reached. Do you want to know happen to that child……… (to be continued)

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