Withered state…..

Whims of the clouds thunder all time,

As if the person has made some crime.

Total loss of memory happens in one time,

When the portrait of the dreams scattered like a slime.

Mental diffusion led the physical expression like mime,

Confusion spotted it’s presence on prime time.

States of the categories focused on the bounded line,

Which leads the motivated ignition to sublime.

The things need to be corrected is sometimes becomes the manual issue,

But making understanding sometime is like winning a gold Olympic port line.

Dealing with vacant boxes sucks the vital energy of life,

Like a single coin showing it’s presence by clinging all time.

All the stuffs sometimes led the associated mind towards the dissociation,

All outoomes  yield when it comes from withered state of mind.

-Ankiitz B’sen


Stuffed mind…..!

Everyone has a great hold on the technological assets and gripped with the thumb rule to make things happen virtually. Accommodated information slowly stuffed from the raw one to processed and required to be expelled out for the sake of recycling captivity of the mind which grooms to have explosion of airy vibes which recreates the illuminating nebula of its own kind. But what if the stuffed product kept inside memo museum as an antique articulate which in turn leads to grave cause of stagnant phase where relative scale of vision and creativity infringed which owe the liberation into the ethereal atmosphere. These conditions are most probabilistic condition for the person hanged activity and dual pseudo illusion to which mind puzzled. So, that the stuffed mind eventually catabolize soother part and anabolize the knotty network in the trap where the entry is easy but escape whims over the patronizing the strength of the cage. Ideas needs a flow and nurture in the surrounding in universal cycle but once ideas attain the proper track it must be implemented to satisfy the hunger of pre-determined destination.
-Ankit Bisen