Pulsating beep !

Sleep and the biological clock has its own importance when it relates with well being of the person. There are few facts which indicates the makeover of one’s personalty and shows important node points where the neuronal junctions meet and the journey goes on. In order, to understand the persons well being it is essential to understand personality specific circadian schedule which have been utmost important parameter to judge the vulnerability and predictability one’s easiness. Commonly, when we have meeting certain candidates we to know about the personality traits which can be partially featured by any of the personality on the social ground. The which makes the person to stay away from understand the inner whirls are something which might have lot of controversies where one creed of the mammalian database on the earth have contrary views and the most interesting thing is that they have to prove similar aspects but the approach to two candidate is merely opposite which creates the pulsating beep and the beep is the intersecting point of the two circumferences either of which may lead to dominance over in a vice-versa format. This clinches have appeared for a enumerated times which makes you aware about knotty hinges which either pushes the person backward or forward. In order to attain the stability. Similar, approach is also applicable for the inner moieties and the communicating lead which we called as signalling members of magnificent anatomic, physiologic and cosmic universe which dwelt inside the mortal cabinet. Where the things are happening in similar mode as which we express outside scenario. Most primarily, we have sense of the categorization of the labor as a result of which all organ system has been categorized according to their utility. ( to be cont..)

– Ankit Bisen


Neurons and nervous system : peer relative per’ spect

Usually the understanding of the mechanics especially inner mechanics is being a tough deal for the person who wants to know about the phenomenon of nature’s cabinet. This is the main reason why the negligence and ignorance for the particular thing prevails in the society. We have numerous aspects of science related to biological occurrence and which need to have clear vision about the topic and unfortunately most of the person amongst us hinder here and there for the proper guidance. Some are the luckier one who persuades and blessed with directions from their mentor and some………

So guys if you willing to understand some mechanics of the inner levers, then it’s my pleasure to share something along with you guys. The most grooming topic of the world is to understand the conventional physiology of the brain and the other related organ which are in the panel of the circulatory circuit. The exploratory nature of the human behavior and the enormous expression, emotions and the curiosity made the person to align towards the discovery of something which make them more obsessed about human traits. One such topic is of the Neuroscience, which has it’s some complexity when bombarded suddenly but we try derivatize the integrated event in smaller fraction then interest of the study get sprinkled with some delicious flavors of science. Previously, unless and until the era of the renaissance and the reformative moment when the oral information or the written scriptures are only means to transmit information from one generation to another and among the local lay man public. The knowledge seems to have limited prospects to get explored and full fill the needs of the common public. But after the revolution of the virtual interface, the things got inside out. And the huge knowledge based network has been created amongst the individual. Similarly, the philosophy of the “Relativity” and brief understanding of the Late. Prof. Albert Einstein about the nature, human behavior and normal day to day occurrence in life made the more explored and simplified understanding of the complex processes on the relative background of the daily incidences.

The main thing which makes the person reluctant and ignorant is the overwhelmed and over-obsessed attitude of the individual in the self reformatory process. Today in the place of the gratitude, the ego and whim of rubbish thoughts took their respective places. Apart from criticizing, I believe more in synthesizing of the more productive thought which makes the life better than ever , so that study and understanding of the topic will be more efficiently and effectively with maximum efficacy will get nurtured in the fertile zone of your mind.

The kind of the lecture I will serve here is mere a creative bench work done by me, in order to present the science in most enthusiastic and rejoice way. For more understanding of the topic Please refer the authentic course books of the leading authors.

In this way I am completing my noteworthy forewords. From the next blogs readers will receive all the scientific artifacts from my side. Hope you all love to be a part of it.

Thank you!

Ankit Bisen