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Concept Of Pharmaceutical Practice in India and Challenge towards the future Pharmaceutical nutcrackers

First of all I wish to all fellow Pharmacist across the globe on this marvellous ocassion of WORLD PHARMACIST DAY and want to share some of the speculative aspects of contribution of the Indian Ethnos medicine which have been kept track of well being of the global health care system. India the land of charms and thrill which made the eye of the universe to get enthralled with diversities and methodological practising of Pharmaceutical Sciences in India. The golden phase of pharmacy practice which have been transformed into present day translational form. The important contribution from the supreme sages of Indian ancient medival directories which kept the proper understanding of the quality, nature and philosophical aspect of medicine railing from the cladogramic heirarchy of Ethnic ancestors and their explorative studies on Ethnic medicines. Eventually, this ethnic medicines are loosing a sort of respect and important place from the pharmaceutical practice in India. Ethnic medicines such as Platycarya storbilliacea, Eleocarpus ganitrus, Tinospora Cordifolia, Bacopa monneira, Sarraca Indica, Adathoda Zylenica, Centella asiatica etc were some of the ethnic medicines which have been kept in a sacred zone in the Indian culture. Where the practising of the compunding medicines have attended its pinnacle and existence of this noble profession was at its charm. Where mere importance has been given to understand the basic foundation of medicine which encompasses in the verse of Rasayanshastra, and the various glorified Compendia like Nighantus, Samhitas and other verses from Indian origin. The Ravana Samhita, Shushruta Samhita, Charak Smahita, Bhavprakash Nighantu , and other major work have compiles the myseterious aspect of human physiology, dynamics and the kinetics aspect of the Pharmakon in deeper aspects. However, today the practice of the pharmaceutical domain has much of the promises which kept its track from performing their role in compounding, dispensing, formulating and the end user profile which includes the representative pioneer of the finished product to introduce the medicine in more informative and fascinated aspect of pharmaceuticals amongst the layman public. With increasing number of the population, and to cope up with demands the inquistive nature of the researchers enthralled the world with stupendous work in the synthetic world of science. But the ethics of the performance no longer remain the same, this quest is somewhat obnoxious but hard to gulp in. We tried harder and harder the one thing which we are failing in understanding the basic fundamental priciples and underlying philosophy of the medicine. The nature of work limits the probablity and possibilities in the research papers. Understanding about the medicine have been somewhat limited to the cerebral personalities and this is the main reason where distance between the science and layman public is propotionately increasing day by day. Propensity of med line research and the natural world needs a bridging where understanding of the profession is the main need, where dignity and integrity have been got compromised day by day. With highly evolved civilization, pertainig to pharma education in India were having cut throat challenges which can be fullfilled by 3D principle, which meant for Determination of Disciple to which Dedicate which will prove to be a milestone in the future students life where enthusiasm and vital hope for better tommorow will reap explicit opportunities amongst the Indian of this country. Exhaustive learning and understanding of the medical compendia From all the systems of medicine present in the practising in the conventional and non-conventional treatise need to be understand and retained in order develop the decisive power amongst the medico professional with the comparative analysis.

This is the short message I want deliver from bottom of my heart to all the respected Pharmacist of the world with a kind note I express my due gratitude to all my Gurus.

-Ankit Bisen


Genious Fate!

Thoughts and thoughtfulness , mind and mindfulness, youth.and youthfulness, fate and fatefulness were some of the vocabs which gain their importance at the exceeding limit which definitely tends to infinity. Where the words quantify to become more important and meaningful. Here something in case of human behaviour which continues the unravelling mystery is the one thing which makes the person superlative. In which the trap of the words are some of the important aspect were the scientific community made to enquire about. The most marvellous things in which the society recognizes is about the bull behaviour which keeps on criticizing the the ground level words were the essence of genious attitude relies and at last the the research has been made on the moronic tales which have been neglected. This is the reason why our society keeps on wasting time in understanding the mechanism which has been neglected but it attends the height of its geniousness. When all the senses attained the condition of lethargy and the accidental fate lead to the understanding of the moronic discovery. So, its a geniune question whether journey from the search to research worth the life of an ingenious or this stupid act has become genious fate where rate of acceptance has it parameter overlying to kind of startification of vital values.

-Ankit Bisen


Theoretically faithful and Practically debtful!

Perspective of looking towards the event becomes the point of objective when our eyes were still looking for something which is essential to fulfill a needs of the person. But the similar kind of vision becomes dramatically absurd when a layer of unknown augmented to the mind of persona. Sometimes, to believe in something is really difficult act which mean to be completely strange for a person who actually passes his maximum part of life in such a disguise were the rest mind used to create false dogmatic belief which in turn harms the individual. But theoretically, that was a kind of faith what a person showing in order to pursue to encash it in forthcoming future which makes the first theoretical comment duely wrong, were the act has been made to gain the eternal solitude but opposite was the case in a practical dogma the person‘s life become duely debtful which keeps on crediting but the aspect of the faith and reverence keeps on debiting. Generational misfortune is the one where an individual needs a face which is having a psuedo mask and in fact it will show the things in a very fortunate manner in which you.want to. But, still question arises whether we always find a chance to rescue from actual condition and the actual comments or for us imaginary hallucination has replaced actual parameter which move on to make life more robust and lucrative. False comments, False beliefs and the obsession has become symptomatically worst for the persons growth exempt a person from the exploration and self knowingness. But still knowing this things we have a duely choose a path to become more and more debtful. Though it is very painful, it is true to admit Things remains in life “Theoretically faithful and Practically debtful”

-Ankit Bisen

Social awareness

Pharmacy:Underestimated Outlook In India ‘Fake’ or ‘Real’

It’s a brief note from author subjected to ‘whomsoever it may concern’ the topic is still grooming all over India and is coming in mind to some individual regarding the kind of aptitude does this person persevere who is in the domain of this noble faculty. As we know, the knowledge is an asset in order to move the rich heritage to its modesty. But dear readers here our Indian pre-justified and pre-assumed society of India is still conflicting with their own ideology. In order to make thing happen we need a patience and a pursuit of knowledge which will lead to the right direction in order to cultivate and prosper the era newness and strong growing attitude. But our ideology works in vice versa pattern, we love to dampen the enthusiasm of new beginners and need a reference point to calibrate the individuality which is having no match as such to.make thing happens. Attitude towards the possibility is just facet of impractical attitude. The country where for very first time the concept of ‘varna vyavastha’ have been.introduced to make the smooth functionality of the administration has just turned inside out. I have observed in past few decades there are lot gentle personality who works tediously and sincerity in order to generate new ray of hope among pharmacist community but as we Know we have considered as the most illuminating intellect in the world which persuades to have orthodox attitude towards resistance and refusal to make a change in the existing condition. Some features may have positive instinct which have been symbolized with nobleness of the compounding wing in India. But it has been observed that word compounding has grossly as well as wrongly characterized among the layman personality. Either we always ask who is responsible for this existing nuisance where fortunate aspects of the Para-medical professional has not been framed and still we professionals were conducting a debate on this particular topic in this or the other way. Sometimes, we may feel the loophole in the educational system , sometimes we may look upon the professional hierarchy or in someway it is our own fault in order to hide which we need a face-pack. It may be anything or really nothing but main aspect is the conduct and sustenance with a due privilege and integrity which can‘t be stolen by any person nor they have a right to do so. Next to this we know that Pharmacist being an impartial professional must conduct their job without pertaining to any partial aspect Medical system which lead to matter of debate. Swami Vivekananda , such a personality which has world widely recognize for his intellect, wit, wisdom and visionary traits claimed in his lifetime , that India is in.need of such entrepreneurs who can transforms the sand into their hard work and dedication. It‘s need of the time where, we have to leave apart those snakeskin of the narrow.and pesssimist attitude which lead to.negatively radicalize the proper perception, deliverance and execution in the educational domains. This will surge the loopholes and lead to cultivation of the better outlook among the fraternity and just unite these tiny bodies which may lead future without undergoing road march and the nonsense pattern of the strike which is main reason of the dusting mind and stagnant situation which has become grave disorder and slowly paralyzing the whole system. In order to prevent those consequences persevere and nurture your lucrative ideas with a robust understanding of the due technicalities related to the field which will the situation more and more stronger in which increase in.production and self educational aspects will play a vital role in order to.make.thing happen. This approach will rationalize the concept and truly contribute to make a change and create reformative renaissnace in the Indian society with respect to the Pharmaceuticals Professionals

-Ankiitz B‘sen


Hostile Path!

Years went in buttering the path,

The essence of spirit evaporate apart.

Hard work has been replaced by futile job,

Still esteem of knowledge is taking its pseudo wrath!

Making someone’s happy becomes the white collar job,

Strict attitude now become a suffocating carb.

The era of the next generation were suppose to peep above the bar,

But length is just inch a far.

No-one knows now to whom to make known,

The essence of self discipline now seems to be a beautiful clown.

The middle part of life has turning to become a hectic chance,

And the latter part destined to show a melodious dance.

Keeping the small packets of mercy we gift a dreadful future as far,

The sharp edge of struggle is rapidly coming to decapitate you apart!

Time is alarming to show and let the bird inside to fly beyond,

So, don’t kept your wishes to just to shine bond.

A due message to early generation to get wake up as reformative storm is on.

Someday, the intuition call will to your brain,

Which will not permit you be hostile again.

The time came near to attend the integrity and persevere the dignity.

Running behind which leads to milestonic memorium,

With a sense to explore the world with distinct horizon

It becomes necessary to keep move on hostile path!

-Ankit Bisen