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Concept Of Pharmaceutical Practice in India and Challenge towards the future Pharmaceutical nutcrackers

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 25, 2018/ Social awareness/ 0 comments

First of all I wish to all fellow Pharmacist across the globe on this marvellous ocassion of WORLD PHARMACIST DAY and want to share some of the speculative aspects of contribution of the Indian Ethnos medicine which have been kept track of well being of the global health care system. India the land of charms and thrill which made the

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Genious Fate!

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 16, 2018/ Sarcasm, Thoughtfulness/ 0 comments

Thoughts and thoughtfulness , mind and mindfulness, youth.and youthfulness, fate and fatefulness were some of the vocabs which gain their importance at the exceeding limit which definitely tends to infinity. Where the words quantify to become more important and meaningful. Here something in case of human behaviour which continues the unravelling mystery is the one thing which makes the person

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Theoretically faithful and Practically debtful!

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 13, 2018/ Sarcasm, Thoughtfulness/ 0 comments

Perspective of looking towards the event becomes the point of objective when our eyes were still looking for something which is essential to fulfill a needs of the person. But the similar kind of vision becomes dramatically absurd when a layer of unknown augmented to the mind of persona. Sometimes, to believe in something is really difficult act which mean

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Hostile Path!

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 9, 2018/ Sarcasm, Thoughtfulness, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Years went in buttering the path, The essence of spirit evaporate apart. Hard work has been replaced by futile job, Still esteem of knowledge is taking its pseudo wrath! Making someone’s happy becomes the white collar job, Strict attitude now become a suffocating carb. The era of the next generation were suppose to peep above the bar, But length is

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