Hostile Path!

Years went in buttering the path,
The essence of spirit evaporate apart.
Hard work has been replaced by futile job,
Still esteem of knowledge is taking its pseudo wrath!
Making someone’s happy becomes the white collar job,
Strict attitude now become a suffocating carb.
The era of the next generation were suppose to peep above the bar,
But length is just inch a far.
No-one knows now to whom to make known,
The essence of self discipline now seems to be a beautiful clown.
The middle part of life has turning to become a hectic chance,
And the latter part destined to show a melodious dance.
Keeping the small packets of mercy we gift a dreadful future as far,
The sharp edge of struggle is rapidly coming to decapitate you apart!
Time is alarming to show and let the bird inside to fly beyond,
So, don’t kept your wishes to just to shine bond.
A due message to early generation to get wake up as reformative storm is on.
Someday, the intuition call will to your brain,
Which will not permit you be hostile again.
The time came near to attend the integrity and persevere the dignity.
Running behind which leads to milestonic memorium,
With a sense to explore the world with distinct horizon
It becomes necessary to keep move on hostile path!
-Ankiitz B’sen


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