‘Bramhi’- The Booster

Good morning guys, here’s the mommy is having some nuggets out her treasure of apothecary, some of the remedies which can maintain your youthfulness thought the life. Here, Mommy is mentioning some herbs and one of my personally favorite remedy, whose praising is just like showing a lamp to the sun. Bramhi, botanically more popular as Bacopa Monniera and Mandukparni , botanically known as Centella Asiatica. The part of the plant with biological importance is leaves. This single herb has immense potential to get rid off any bodily disorder. The reckoning researches have been done in the field of the natural products. In which the bramhi found its potential position from the long era. According to the Indian texts bramhi has been referred as The daughter of the Lord Bramha , the energy which has universal power to create. But his creation got its value after the disposition of the Goddess Saraswati , a feminine form of energy which directs the creative powers to acheive their destination in the form of knowledge of any form. Hence, by understanding the characteristic of this herb has been referred as Bramhi. As, it is a small herb which found its existence in the watery areas.

How to use:-

1) Two table spoon of Bramhi, in an ounce of water. Take it in a empty stomach. Proves to be good for mental health and also works as a potential antioxidants.

2) Taking bramhi in an ounce of water after meals, at night will lead to sound sleep and you will get rid out of insomnia.

3) For the unhealthy skin and to maintain suppleness Bramhi is a drug of choice.

4) Person suffering from a stammering problems and fickle minded or absent mindedness can be rectified by Bramhi.

5) Using a Ghee along with Bramhi may lead to additive effects as it is very much powerfully act on central nervous system which is having miraculous activity on the overall health of the person.

6) Bramhi , is best remedy to maintain healthy sexual heath, as it is one which lead formation of sperm.

Note:- The remedies prescribed here are just taken from the vernacular folk remedies. And my blogs are not supporting any such malpractice of self medication. For proper, diagnosis please look after your nearby Physician.

– Ankiitz B’sen


Simple way to extract “Milk protein”

Hello, friends! Hope you all doing well in your life. As far as present life concerns we are thrust of daily life stress. And ofcourse stress is the main reason, which reflects on your skin in the form of blemishes, dark circles and other wrinkles in the early ages as well aware of the synthetic cosmetics and the effects . Now, we don’t have depend on any of such stuffs anymore! Right from the My Mommy’s lab , I presenting infront of you certain features of the simple artifacts. Which can be done in a home without waste wasting handsome of money on the branded products.

Guys, we know milk is the such a biological form of the liquid in a emulsion forms, which for a era has been treated as nectar for us. But due to some stability problem and a restrained palatability issues the milk has been utilise only when it is fresh. So, it’s great matter of deal how to make stabilize this milk protein in order to more advantage and it from any degradation. So, let’s start the experimentation and let us conclude what Mommy wants to share from her task.
Key Ingredients:- Fresh Milk , Gum tragacanth or Acacia.
Step 1 : Take an ounce of milk and mix the Organic gum available in the nearby store . (few blisters) unless and until the milk emulsion become up saturation level.
Step2: Keep it for overnight .
Step 3: The remaining water will get evaporated and the remaining will be the crystallize casien alongwith the edible gum.
Step 4: Isolate the Blisters and preserve in some container. Keep it in cool and dry place.
Caution: As the gum is hygroscopic in nature, so keep it away from the damp places.
1. It is cost effective both for the domestic and Commercial purpose.
2. It can be reproducible.
3. Requires no excessive inventories for manufacture.
4. Rationalize way to utilise and to produce raw material with minimal cost.
5. Innumerable benefits can be gain either for external or internal use.

Mommy concluded, the above material process is a convenient one to take enormous benefits as much as you can.

My Mommy delivers a blessing to each one of you! With a healthy heart!
Thank you!😂


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