Gravity of thoughts!

Lost world we found,Light can also travel like that of sound,Discoveries nonetheless, were surprising,The hiding truth¬† vividly mesmerizing,Uncovering of the prevailed, launches¬† the career despite!No one bother unless it’s fruitful inspiteSky is limit become a mournful tale,Narcissism is slogan of the Modern spell,Language and the mediation creates a barrier rift,Very among the mob know how […]

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Raise up!

Not always you will ask,Someday you will have a task,Days are out with a fairy tale,When will you come out of the shell,In will of mercy, you forgot your strength,God has bestowed you with valor and ZenDon’t fabricate your mind with a dusty web,Come and look up yourself with a thirsty cane!Target your fish with […]

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An Innocent Stout!

As day move ahead with shining sunlight,Stoke of the ray striking my sight,The day leftover becomes my evening supper,The taste of food possess a lot of pepperVery less hope, remains for a living,Slurping the individual qualities were brewing,A lot of barrier have been seen apart,Now the went on for healing some scars,Beyond the throat slowly […]

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