The Birth of ‘JOB’

The day this universe accomplish,Adam and Eve just observed the relish.Idleness and the boredom equipped the mind distort,Looking at each other both strangers got shocked.Slowly, the term called progress arrived,Now, they are able to engaged themselves in managing livestock.With a span time hopefully they thrive , the at which they are two now reach to […]

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“Karnapriya”: The Delicious Sound!

In the era of the gathering,The someone is given speech flatteringThe bees are now humming in the ground,Claps are most welcome to felicitate the crown!Words from the mouth salivate like a honey,Infact, sunburn are happening in these sunny!Countable pains are now transformed into ice cubes,As long as you deliver the masking truth.Artificial smile has to […]

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Moments of Journey!

Salt and sugar taste opposite,Blending the portion mends Composite,The moment you dehydrate need the both,So why to abandon any one of them utmost,Balance of life mean to come from them,Just give a moment to you what you exhale,Even a single stint of it make your moment memorable!After every cyclone the situations are going to stable.Never […]

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