An Innocent Stout!

As day move ahead with shining sunlight,
Stoke of the ray striking my sight,
The day leftover becomes my evening supper,
The taste of food possess a lot of pepper
Very less hope, remains for a living,
Slurping the individual qualities were brewing,
A lot of barrier have been seen apart,
Now the went on for healing some scars,
Beyond the throat slowly gulp is rising,
Dare within a quiet boy is little bit surprising,
No one expect that the boy will transform,
Who will lead in future a fruitful reform,
Just like a berries , life has some sweet and sour flavour,
It depends on you how best out of it, you can endeavour
Power always lies in it’s base but we hinder our life to become an awful prey!
Suddenly, the clock of consciousness clicked in his mind
Which enthrall him to memorise his truth rewind
Story possibly always wants a Hero, but it always resides in a zero,
Truly with an assurance you will welcome the tomorrow rising ,
which not only always wants sacrifice of beloved darlings
The moment to stood and just give a fought,
It’s a real moment when an innocent turns out to be a stout!

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