Artificial Intelligence: A tool or Toy!

Past 20 years, the realm of the blockbusters and the pace in the advancement has brutally destroyed the belief system which involves the fear factor from the unexplored facets of the mankind’s presumed comfort zones. We are from this Y2k  generation, have been volunteering and witnessing the flash out sequence  and series of back to back advancement in every dogma of life. Previously, there were all time debates which render the individual intellect in a nutshell Moreover in the ink pages, which has brilliantly transform into pdf pages in attach screen cabinet. As our laziness becomes the need of invention and the hardship played its roles in peevish faculties of the labour cladogram. The more prominent aspect has been figure when we utter ” Emergency is the cause of invention” , very Fortunately the 5g buckets have been an excellent examples for it; how this innovation has embarked  and nailed the history of the advancement but has lended the blessings of physical challenges so long as the world is revolving and just transforming from core physical world to the virtual world.
        If we address this aspects in a more proportionate of classical manner then, we should understand the deactivation of the Muladhar chakra and hyperactivation of the Adnya chakra which has merely trans’mentalised  extreme facets of the daily routine which can’t be bare and slowly we are loosing a grip of one’ s direct one to one understanding to unnecessary indirect mediation , which either transmit the same information or rather transform into to the  end user understandable forms but not the authentic one. Slowly ,apart from the Human Genome project we are now complying and the implementing an algorithm which the consecutive and as far relatively an integrative approach of the miniature algorithm to compile and execute information virtual environment which is now playing with you though t processing system. As far as the human young one’ s when took birth so as for the development of the overall psycho-somatic advancement they have exposed to the numerous environment. Where your neurons are getting more vitalized and they thrive towards advancement and understanding of the behaviour and the nature of work thus , by which they self counselling and lead towards the journey of self exploration, which medical terminology referred to as Neuroplasticity. But it needs, co-ordination of the somatic/physical activity as well. But slowly certain aspects of the life has been steal , manifested and graphed by AI devices nearby which inturn leads to data lynching and also it has found to play with confidential information which is mapping the thought as well as thought processing of an individual. It reminds us the toy which you purchase for the entertainment of your yards slowly, becomes the part of the day today life and gradually it becomes the integral part of their existence, somehow you know these things are for your sake but you emotional process link you with vary entity of that tool which is now acting vice versa manner;  initially you were controlling the activity of the tool but now you have been controlled by inanimate objects.
          The impact of these devices has been crawled and knitted like a web across the world, where slowly you animate object loosing their own identity and being overpowered by an inanimate objects. Be alert and wise , keep a controlling keys in your own hands and don’t let destiny run by others.
– Ankiitz B’sen

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