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Visionary Science: The Electrifying Effect

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 17, 2018/ Philosophy/ 0 comments

In due discourse as we have seen how the both the polar node affect our biological system but what is the energy system which lead to the flow which let energy to pass from one point of origination to another part of its destiny. Actually, the continuous flow of the particle from one to another have been referred as current.

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Visionary Science : Magnetism

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 17, 2018/ Philosophy/ 0 comments

(to be Conti…….) They do exhibit their properties in a biochemical form. As, the universal rule in chemistry which obeys the principle , which happened outside is the similar one which is happening inside the body. As, in the chemical lab, we get to understand about the systems which has been broadly classified into open , closed and isolated system.

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Visionary Science

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 17, 2018/ Philosophy/ 0 comments

Visionary Science When we look after the food pyramid, the chain of the provider and predator continues to until it reaches the apex. In order to fulfil the needs the we rely on each other to continue the life cycle. But can we dreamt of such thing where organism for their existence can skip the vegetation from their diet and

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Mary Go round!

AnkiitzB'sen/ October 3, 2018/ Sarcasm, Thoughtfulness/ 0 comments

It‘s a dawn, the empty sky was searching for its prey, looking after which the darkness stood up start to ran away…. in order to build the another trap towards canopy region. Birds were ch ripping, the sound still instills in my mind as if they were acting as detective and giving a clue to the smudgy sun rays to

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Concept Of Pharmaceutical Practice in India and Challenge towards the future Pharmaceutical nutcrackers

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 25, 2018/ Social awareness/ 0 comments

First of all I wish to all fellow Pharmacist across the globe on this marvellous ocassion of WORLD PHARMACIST DAY and want to share some of the speculative aspects of contribution of the Indian Ethnos medicine which have been kept track of well being of the global health care system. India the land of charms and thrill which made the

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Genious Fate!

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 16, 2018/ Sarcasm, Thoughtfulness/ 0 comments

Thoughts and thoughtfulness , mind and mindfulness, youth.and youthfulness, fate and fatefulness were some of the vocabs which gain their importance at the exceeding limit which definitely tends to infinity. Where the words quantify to become more important and meaningful. Here something in case of human behaviour which continues the unravelling mystery is the one thing which makes the person

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Theoretically faithful and Practically debtful!

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 13, 2018/ Sarcasm, Thoughtfulness/ 0 comments

Perspective of looking towards the event becomes the point of objective when our eyes were still looking for something which is essential to fulfill a needs of the person. But the similar kind of vision becomes dramatically absurd when a layer of unknown augmented to the mind of persona. Sometimes, to believe in something is really difficult act which mean

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Hostile Path!

AnkiitzB'sen/ September 9, 2018/ Sarcasm, Thoughtfulness, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Years went in buttering the path, The essence of spirit evaporate apart. Hard work has been replaced by futile job, Still esteem of knowledge is taking its pseudo wrath! Making someone’s happy becomes the white collar job, Strict attitude now become a suffocating carb. The era of the next generation were suppose to peep above the bar, But length is

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In search of the Good’will’!

AnkiitzB'sen/ July 9, 2018/ Sarcasm, Thoughtfulness/ 0 comments

Eyes of the shells tears out in pearl, The sand of desert slips out like a whirl, Nature of the organism starts to take turn, Water came out of eyes when the insight tend to mourn, Level of smile teaches us to learn, How many feelings does a person has to gulp. In search of something, nothing’s becomes his firm.

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Emotional Intelligence : Negligence and Outcomes

AnkiitzB'sen/ June 25, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

When we talk about a ‘Man’ lot of things come into active mode and now they get the opportunity to show their resemblance and the film continues with varied foot points which created a some vanish-able and some un-vanish able memories . As we know memories are the final outcomes but in this process sometimes the reflective losses and earnings

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Pulsating beep !

AnkiitzB'sen/ May 20, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Sleep and the biological clock has its own importance when it relates with well being of the person. There are few facts which indicates the makeover of one’s personalty and shows important node points where the neuronal junctions meet and the journey goes on. In order, to understand the persons well being it is essential to understand personality specific circadian

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Neurons and nervous system : peer relative per’ spect

AnkiitzB'sen/ May 1, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Usually the understanding of the mechanics especially inner mechanics is being a tough deal for the person who wants to know about the phenomenon of nature’s cabinet. This is the main reason why the negligence and ignorance for the particular thing prevails in the society. We have numerous aspects of science related to biological occurrence and which need to have

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Withered state…..

AnkiitzB'sen/ April 29, 2018/ Poetry/ 0 comments

Whims of the clouds thunder all time, As if the person has made some crime. Total loss of memory happens in one time, When the portrait of the dreams scattered like a slime. Mental diffusion led the physical expression like mime, Confusion spotted it’s presence on prime time. States of the categories focused on the bounded line, Which leads the

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Stuffed mind…..!

AnkiitzB'sen/ April 10, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 4 comments

Everyone has a great hold on the technological assets and gripped with the thumb rule to make things happen virtually. Accommodated information slowly stuffed from the raw one to processed and required to be expelled out for the sake of recycling captivity of the mind which grooms to have explosion of airy vibes which recreates the illuminating nebula of its

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