“Punctuations” of directionalism

Primary education is one of the important education we all recognize, which laid down the fundamental centring of the forthcoming construction. We all love to memorize th world of the fantasies we used build in memories on whichever the thing we encountered our diaphragm. Some may tune in the rhythms of the rhythms while some may regret of being of getting underestimized, but there is something which made our life’s with bunchfull of memories. The graphical pictures which created the innocence alive and the scolding which entails mischeviousness, which always makes you to stand out. The definition of the outstanding becomes somewhat important but ways of its significance is really awesome from these buddies outlook points. Appearance of the charming teacher makes the baby’s day out….. all the time. While innocence of the student make the teacher to speak around. The hustling of the Panda on the meaningless count. Which is regardless of punctuation to enjoy the awesome point. Entrance of the Punctuation increases the weight of life; Life which seems meaningless has found its meaning inside. Initial steps were effortful where snitch the web toward the complexity of life. Coming out of the cabinet lead to the troublesome life. Complexity of the attitude becomes the problem in searching for the job all life. Now people’s are telling simple enough to appreciate your view by handful of knives. Seeking towards the understanding made lossing hair as maturity sign. At the end of the story Punctuation becomes troublesome in order to seek directionalism in life. See you guys!
– Ankiitz B’sen


Un’defined’ relation


Sense of attachment which is prevailing in this civilization records back to ages and the essence of someone on which relies show of the dependability. With the end of something always it’s the beginning for other. Presence of the even always gives us the sign of the presence of odds. This relation doesn’t end but gives enough length of the climax where the admixing of the both even and odd takes place. Just like a water which we defined as a saline and fresh but at some point of the beginning or end they have to meet. This is moment where intercultural and the characters have been mutual transferred without any conflict. Present day is full of issues and the second will be full of cheers which needs to be accepted by us that when nature accepts something which is really common amongst them with the sense of uncommonness, then we are the Sapeins how we become ignorant from this simple fact….. See you guys!
-Ankiitz B’sen

Tired steps

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Every division of organization starts from the self which we define it in a very nice way based upon the personal experiences. These experiences limits the outlook of a person who remain exempted from the journey of exploration; who clearly defines the horizon at which their thinking limits. As it is evident we have seen such events with ourselves in day to day life. But what’s the reason that future generations pretended to move in a path which is exactly opposite to what provided by the ancestors. What encourages them to lead the path of discourage. How the parents were assigned to harsh step to limit their own blood. It’s a perfect example of the ignorance which the man kept himself around his life, and what he preached all his life their kids is the limited ground where sun seems to be set but it won’t. Limits itself shows a sign of the tiredness which makes you to take such step that you avoid the path of the path beyond the horizon. And you slaughtered the delight bird in the cage of the fear. You diminish the possibilities of great future envisage by imposing the burden of the experience on the enthusiast shoulder. Instead of providing guiding direction we have culminated the wish, the aura and holistic attitude which is the path of liberty. Now the limitation has proved to be a boon for the martyrd shoulder with suspicious vision, cunning attitude, the filthy political mess which all time makes the person to remain infringed the cages built up of pillars signifying fear, indecisiveness, jealous and unjust behaviour. Is this heritage we people are going to provide our future generation. That’s thing once again think for the moment whether a one healthy step of guiding your kids to knows clear difference between the proper and improper help to survive them with sheer gratitude and unravelling exploration of mysterious journey with a smile of liberal attitude and enthusiasm to make i’m-possible or the life of disgust and frustration which finally lead to ‘tiered step’ of your life and closes the door of evolutionary transformation.
– Ankiitz B’sen

Guru and ‘Gurut’va

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Our complete globe is a database of adversities, the adversities are dependent on its compostion and compositions are dependent of the ‘internet’ work and this network is dependent on the intra mobile or immobile moeity. So, relation is just like game of passing the ball amongst the available network. This our illusion of independability is vanish when we relate ourselves to any entity in the universe. It means nothing is unique apart from the outlook of the person. In this era of the overwhelmingness everything is is a illusionary model unless and until we fetch to that place and situation. But do you from where this idea of clarity develops in the mind of the person where there is no one not a single entity apart from the sun, sunlight, trees and the insects etc. But how we people came to know about the right and wrong, true and false, righteous and unrighteousness, Good and bad; Eventhough no one is there with someone can speak and someone can listen,.So this incidence directed towards the something which present in nothing which brings out the knowledge which is hidden below the heaps of uncertainity. This costless currency transferred from generation to generation by means of speech, arts, music and numerous ways which tends to adhere a person or the thing with each other. Which time to time make us feel a sense of relativity with everyone and everything to which he surround to. Slowly meanwhile we came to address this unknown aspects as a attraction ( guru) and the the feel which makes you attached to those things as ‘Guru’tva. This is the ‘pada’ which has been referred by lots people from which we get something and which is not accustomed to unique entity apart from the one’s outlook I have already mentioned. Where the relationship of the two aspects maintained by mutual magnetism and which become strong and strong as much as you concentrate and deflect the interfering entities which reverse back your own energy in a regulated form based on the capacity of aspirant and this thing which goes on nurturing you all the life and avails and develops a sense of what is good and bad. This Param tattva whichever relies in the nature from no time has been referred as Guru, hence the greatness of this entity goes on undressing and increasing with vastness of the infinity which is not accustomed to any person god or any angels but this is the thing which last forever. This is the reason for what Guru has been depicted as a supremo of all the creatures which adhere to them because of his ‘Gurutva’ (attraction). Hope you all digest it very well. See you guys very soon with new adventure!
– Ankiitz B’sen