Visionary Science :’Krishna and the concept of Human Psychology’

Hi guys, a very warm welcome to the world of the series of Visionary Science, the motive of this article to let us understand the how the emrgence of the evolutionary species on this green planet; as well as the how the human race strive towards to be more better than other living organism. As […]

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Visionary Science : Magnetism

(to be Conti…….) They do exhibit their properties in a biochemical form. As, the universal rule in chemistry which obeys the principle , which happened outside is the similar one which is happening inside the body. As, in the chemical lab, we get to understand about the systems which has been broadly classified into open […]

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Visionary Science

Visionary Science When we look after the food pyramid, the chain of the provider and predator continues to until it reaches the apex. In order to fulfil the needs the we rely on each other to continue the life cycle. But can we dreamt of such thing where organism for their existence can skip the […]

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‘Power of Relativity’ and “Einstein”

Friends, father and mother and child alongwith the relatives……more and more different connections have their significance and importance; from this it is clear that whatever we define is restricted by certain ‘limits’, these limits ‘differentiate’ the one from other. These different limits have some relation between them which connects to ‘integrate’ the relationship. Which is […]

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“Vilakshanta” of ‘Vi’- gyan

Rededefine, reformation, re- incarnation , revolution all these terms are very much familiar with us. Thinking of the new things made us to think of older one’s. Creation always follows its recreational templates. But the horizon increases as the time moves on intellect reaches the superb heights , inventions becomes the inspirational line of the […]

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Flavour of Perfection

It was a beautiful day, after office I came across the food street…..walking alone but observing the session curiously and keenly. Looking after the mob , I was speechless and getting irritated also by voicefull session. Now my mind is on chariot of the smells of the flavor that attracted me from all the four […]

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“Shunya”- tattva

At once the teacher entered the class his session started with a choice to deliver a talk by means of the “black board” becomes “white” whereas sometimes “white” board becomes “black”. The message he deliver is a usual practice. But the act has something unusual which has created two sects of beliefs and the likes […]

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Shiv Linga : The natural modem

Everyday in the morning in some news papers and some e-sources we came across diverse intellectual outputs on the ground of rituals and especially what we call it as a “dharma”. There are lot of communities and gurus making a remark on this subject. However I want to share some of my research experiences during […]

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