“Om Namaha Shivaya”: The Retransformation

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We all have likes and dislikes in our life based on which we choose, what actually we want to be. But sometimes it becomes essential to look after the things which are essential but it doesn’t put it’s charm over to the person mandatorily. It’s good good always to take what you like but really is this worth which seems to be so attractive when it is not explored and once get explored no charm remains in its existence but now your intuition is being grabbed by boredom and lethargic syndromes. So, what you think is it always essential or not? Strangely, again trapped in a similar question which exemplifies ,” the lost stability, problems and frustration and with gifts of anxiety, depression, anorexia, restlessness and the pathetic behaviour, social detachment, mental instability, inferiority complexes, addiction etc “. That’s why it is hard to utter but as an Indian I want to share the things that being gifted with huge property and wealth of the knowledge from our ancestors we are still reluctant in practicing something which really need our lives. Here psychopathically I must say this is the era of the “Rahu” whose aim is to be against the thing which is happening for good, it indirectly propagates the feeling of lust, leisure and con job kind of activities in whose prey we all fall. Now the instances are getting too bad even we question our own identity and our own being. The reason which has made still to put ourselves apart is our ignorance from our own identity; Now a days we are giving concern to the activities done some other person and acts, we are being too much judgemental in attitude as such we are in the comptetion of finding fault apart from maintaining our own sake. We are creating a sense of rationalism by creating a debate among those who have been expertise in Genesis of the radicals which pass on from mouth to mouth, mind -mind and person to person, district-District and then nation -nation
Now just understand who is more powerful the ‘thoughts’ , psych and the mind which is getting filthier and filthier day by day. Our nation great heritage is also accompanied by the mastero work did by Supreme sages one of their most promising mantra created is ” Om namaha Shivaya” , which has been a most stupendous work did by the sages. The simplicity of the mantra and it’s suppleness is being well explained by the practioners and the holistic penace performers. But now there is a problem in which our present society steps in is the fun making attitude and the advocacy of the thing performed by them becoming intellectually so smart in order to claim the reason and scientific mannerism in order make themselves correct. I always admire the cerebral attitude and the wittiness in the scientific front but at least think over the topic analyse it understand and feel it and then make the comments on what you are advocating. Because if something is wrong then it must be true but claiming it as a true first find why it is wrong…. This is the first step of research which is always away from the sense of conflict and always suggest the sense of mutualism and acceptability. So again let’s come to the main point, the kind of divergence the present society from the path of well being to the path of isolation. Before going into deep instinct I want to share my personal experiences while reciting those mantra “Om namaha shivaya” which is a simply oriented syllable dedicated to lord Shiva. First instance, Last I felt restless and try to relax my body we have single ventilator in our room, it has its deem opening slowly in my body the level of carbon dioxide increases, my body and cerebral health is lossing it’s sense slowly I felt the anxiety attacks and I was think I suppose to get paralyzed. Slowly I remembered the retransformative mantra of Shiva I recited it with concentration and soulfully by keeping attached with it. As I recited the first syllable “Om” my all the energy vibration are invited to align togather which makes a feel of oneness in the bodily energy level, Secondly, when I uttered the term “namaha” which show the obsience and acting as the Messenger or mediator which solemnly paving a path to reach towards its destiny for which have to make a feel of something which is incomplete in my self in terms of growth socially, physiologically and mentally so that now there is the space to get accumulated with something which I really need it. And after wards the third instance the destination syllable “Shivaya”. However from my personal observation it’s a miracle created by the Sanskrit letters ‘Sh’ which has been considered as the most refined term in order to make your tongue to get Sharpened in order to create proper pronounciation (physcially), this term is more like to subject the filtering quality which have the power to refine and choose the purest form of energy which resides in the air( common), cosmicity( cosmos), the eternal energy ( spiritual form i.e awarness of what i am along with and what i have to perform). This thing is already available in the nature I have not created …. Just in one instance i remembered or i call it. This promptly supports the Law of conservation of energy as it is not created by me .I gives me clear implication that it is there when I am not. In the similer term other syllable is ” va’ which emrged to attain its maturity from its childhood to its maturity, here means the purest form of energy required by me at that time is oxygen which can reduce the or deplete the biological carbon di oxide by means of the natural buffer and spontanoueusly my inhaled energy is propogating towards mu brain centers where there is an increase in the carbon di oxide which further leads to acidity and the neuronal degeneration which finally refelcts on the face of the patient in the form of “anxiety ” and allied symptoms as all the regulatory mediators is being secreted from oir pitutary gland and the promoters especially by the pineal gland like “melanin” and “melanocortin” and other prerequiste mediators etc from the brain and the vessels of the blood carrying arteris and veins which is being dilated and the beat rate of the heart increases gradually and the person more likely feel to urinate. This syllableb is having immense power in making the feeling span broad as much as you can which thrives your vital energy and again stimulates the conscious cortical and the sonsorimotor zone of the cerebrum and related area which gives again a proper relaibility and synchronize the disturb involuntary activities. Finally the third term “aya” which finally furnishes the propogatory activity and gently sweeps out the negative energy” carbon mono oxide” , ” carbon di oxide” which has trapped your vision , created a several illusion most apprpriately hallucinogenic phase where you considered the imaginary mirage as the real one and lost the sense of the discrimination between the right and wrong . In this way an individual traumatize and craete the environment of the self destructive and acts as sucidal bag where the individual accompained with creating a follower for the destructive activites and reluctanct and some obnoxius orthodox attitude which immensely hamper the society. Guys, these are my personal observation which I have till the date I took birth on the earth and I sharing my expriences and my journey and the retransformation from an theist to asthetic. So, my observations are purely based on personal experimentation and more likely I am imposing any of my thought on anyoone of the reader. It is just an attempt so that what I have suffered I want others from those sufferings. Friends, this is th holistic phase of the Month “Shravana” dediacted to my Cute Lord Shiva and paying due respect to my Supreme researcher to create such happenings to make alife more beautiful and nice then ever ever. Its an obsience of my devotion paying at the feet of Mahaguru Shri”Shiva”. Thanks for reading carefully.
– Ankiitz B’sen


Panchamruta: An elixir restricted to God


Crossing 25 years of struggling year with conceptual clarity and to fighting with own self what is the truth regarding eternal presence godlyhood entity, I came across numerous person in my  day to day life which made me vowed with package full  of lies which is being spoked off so confidently by pseudo intellectuals regarding the activities, rituals and austerities performed by those immensely sound minded people. It’s a problem with me that I always remained in a confused state of mind so I thought it might be right reason which they are objectively or subjectively addressing me. The first question which grabbed my attention towards the ritual practice in India whether my conventional modern bookish knowledge will help me to dig out some diamonds from it,  so I moved on let me make you  all aware guys I am Pharmacologcal researcher by profession which has provided a bad instinct to me to investigate unless it would lend you a productive results;  so I moved first finding encountered highly conserved cabinet of my home i.e “Pooja sthanam” where we keep the iconic form universal entities…. One amongst them is Shiv Linga which I have already indicated in my previous blog but now the kind of austerities done by mother formulation of the “Panchamruta” which has been considered as a elixir composed of milk, yoghurt, ghee, honey, sugar ,basil(Tulsi) leaves it taste superb and restricted to austerities and rites up-to the god only. Means we are using those formulation to serve and deliver on the Shiva Linga afterwards massaging the Linga with our hands and pouring a water on the Linga and cleaning it by some fresh clothes. But my mind not still accepting why this thing is being performed and I  moved further towards my parents and my grandma asking about it they told it’s a ancestral rites we are performing everyday afterwards I moved towards the Brahmin class asking about these thing they told me the stories depicted in Vedas and Upanishads. Till now also my now also I am not quenched now to conserve my ATPs (energy) I refused to ask anyone and paid attention towards the rational cause of such austerities dear guys you will be surprised with the thing which get to know after certain investigation is that the thing which we are using as ambrosia( prasadam)  In the name of god is not just a thing that must be restricted to the Gods but it is having immense importance from Scientific point of view this Panchamruta depicts the essential rasas ( body fluids)  which helps in the building block of the healthy body as well as these Panchamruta snanam ( bath) is so essential from the medical point of view that this remedy is having power tools eliminate worst disorders likes dreadful skin disease such as  leprosy, acne, pimples, infectious bacterial manifestation and fungal disorder etc. This is the reason for what Lord Mahadev is considered to bed immortal as he is nourishing his body with these essential nutrients and make a healthy body by replenishing with essential amino acids which merely takes part in the detoxification of the bodily toxin makes clear blood circulation and even though in a certain prolonging mental and chronic brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia  ,Paralytic condition this will act as incomparable remedy to the other marketing pharmaceutical products which makes the lives of the people even more dreadful then it seems to be. This puts the question on the Modern science Whether we falsely recognizing  it as advanced or epoch making mode or we in a perishable mode of the science where the importance is given to customization of the profession to acquire more customers in that regards.

So, friends this is the era where we are questioning our ritualistic practices is good but now a days the person to whom we considered as a wise were creating illusion of religious beliefs and faith.Finally, I want to conclude my talk is in term of humanitarian values don’t disrespect our own heritage and the culture it has not been implemented to create any differences amongst the Creed and race but to fulfill your own wishes certain texts and verse had been depicted by our Supreme scientist based on the scientific grounds and please stop making nuisance and defamation of the word called “Science” in the willingness of the evidence which is totally depends upon the individual perception and it’s own experiences.

I am quitting here only for updates subscribe my website and give valuable comments on aforesaid blog and still lots of mysteries I am going unlock in the forth coming session so guys stay connected be healthy and have a pride on the diverse and specious Indian culture not blindly but with due respect and in conscious zone.  Be healthy…. and Be wise.

Good bye and see you all soon

– Ankiitz B’sen