Frightened Piece!

Looking after the modernization, and the fragnant armpits we are likely more civilized and dominating species o the earth. The spheres of the atmosphere has been ornamentalised with our mighty deeds. In the mid era the desires and virtues were march towards the horizontal arch line whereas the interesting private acts led the vision to gain the heights. Eyes are the one which have been common assets with the lives but the sensual five symptoms lets wisdom to sit under thighs. Looking after the progress of the young’s mom kissed the forehead of the son’s for his stupendous victory. The beats of the enjoyment enchanted the civilized life. Everyone shows the cheers cup on the progressive webing hives. Only one metaphorized lives sit quietly and crying on the act of the dominant race with grief and pain inside. The one which have played different roles in the ages of the earth’s life some give their blood addressing the them as Either of the Parents all the time.

No doubt the era came where worth of the moral lives decreases, so that trend of the sarcasm gradually increases. Some depicted it in a fiction and while some featursized the cost of it in theater. When the human keeps his foot on the land, the piece of land want to hide on the other hand. The mutual enmity we are paying for the years sometimes the land want the blood whereas sometimes land has to disappear. This ambiguous relation has made the mother earth to have in trouble no one shows the wiser attitude and becomes the nature burner. The load on the earth is completely frightened because myths of personification is loosing its terror. The conflict of the conventional mind eradicating the importance of those myths in preserving in nature. In disguise of the Rationale thinking we have already hampered the lure. In the rush of the truth lie crosses the winner line , is it not strange we are hammering our own leg all the time.

Sometimes, the curiosity puts you in a danger its call from the universe don’t try to become the nature’s ranger. The wrath is naturally embedded in nature which can be a boon or bane it depends on.the person who knowingly acts like a strangers.

By- ‘006’


P’aid Professor

P’aid Professor

We all have one thing in common in our younger times and afterwards also the institution which sculpted you or perished you in a present situation what we are right now;some paid a thanks whether some regrets to the institutions for the remarks they engraved on their minds. The canteens of the affairs and the bench of the amusement. Doorstep for the punishments, labs for ex’periments, peons for the suppli’ment, while rest of girls for the compliment. Looking towards the yestrr years really some notion rolls down into emotion and the following event set the phenomenon into motion. Books of the doctrines placed the seeds of different species to gets stuffed in the minds of the listeners. This stuffing leads the march towards the bearers. Novels of the high content and languages glorifies the self of the learners having contents of the stories which led the one of the common human character to appear. The rest of the movies drowns the enthusiasm in some meticulous way while teachers in every era find the role of vilain in the students play. Yes, the vilain of the stories comes out to be the biggest star because it needs a guts to make displease his present in order to make future mega star.

One incidence in the life of the position bearer change the whole session, who comes into the institution with a architectural passion. Havoc, the situation was literally seems to be practical were false hood of the existence have claimed to be superior. Finance and businesses shows their actual pursuits superficially spout. The incidence in the Professor‘s life makes the profession in the doubt. All the way in the history, teachers have been respected and revered to Superior acclaimed, this is present Kalyuga where the duty disgracefully attempted. The place of worship becomes the platform of earning with response to service. And the choice made to plead the student’s worship. The era were the truth can’t be responded with the sweet spells. The hardship has to be made in order to create superior out of best. Professor proclaimed to have been paid , power re surge in order to provide delicious supper on the desk. Alarm of the warning is whistling all the time , now acceptable smartness sometimes ruin the students future all the time. Here, the session show worries has becomes the exclaimed topic of the debate. But unfortunate self dignity is placing it to recreate. The hardship among st the student is vanishing day by day the production house is creating the peevish moron’s packaging with a handsome pay. Desk and the platform has been biased design and the result output of the dependency is its remarkable sign.

Panel has been created to vanquish the Professor’s power with sole stories refuses the dignity and chastity of the Powers. Service provider have become the hallmark of the profession…sense of ”Paidfulness” a new word has joined the modern literature.

This is there still in hand to ulift the dignity no doubts otherwise the future will question someday on your sovergnity.

By- ‘006’


Mary Go round!

It‘s a dawn, the empty sky was searching for its prey, looking after which the darkness stood up start to ran away…. in order to build the another trap towards canopy region. Birds were ch ripping, the sound still instills in my mind as if they were acting as detective and giving a clue to the smudgy sun rays to arrest the darkness of the dawn. But darkness is not in a situation to surrender, but just looking for another chance to escape. The lethargic condition of the dawn came into the eye of some other plain., which offer the shelter to stay a while but the sudden flick and swinging nature of the dawn changed the intention and decided to make its permanent habitat. Here the progressive rays march towards the culprit but darkness has its own game plan which instates the dawn to be in.most safest place where mean equinox is tend meet the inside out pole of the geographical globe. The rays stand still waited there for years and years centuries in a that some day he will trap the dorky dawn but the cunning and smartness of the dawn let them to be incompetent and persist till now. And the Rays with a confine attitude and known circumstances that he trap the dawn remain the false positive. The vigilant eye of the bird, mirror reflectance of the streams, the herbs and shrubs of the mountain everyone‘s effort in entrapment of the dorky phase failed. But the things which remained persist for years which enjoyed the game and played well planned marry go round exemplifies the contemporary attitude of the darkness which frames up superficially because of the sturdy attitude of the rays. The only thing which kept dawn in a safe side was its tangible attitude. Which turns to be inside out decorum in vice versa situation.

– Ankit Bisen


Genious Fate!

Thoughts and thoughtfulness , mind and mindfulness, youth.and youthfulness, fate and fatefulness were some of the vocabs which gain their importance at the exceeding limit which definitely tends to infinity. Where the words quantify to become more important and meaningful. Here something in case of human behaviour which continues the unravelling mystery is the one thing which makes the person superlative. In which the trap of the words are some of the important aspect were the scientific community made to enquire about. The most marvellous things in which the society recognizes is about the bull behaviour which keeps on criticizing the the ground level words were the essence of genious attitude relies and at last the the research has been made on the moronic tales which have been neglected. This is the reason why our society keeps on wasting time in understanding the mechanism which has been neglected but it attends the height of its geniousness. When all the senses attained the condition of lethargy and the accidental fate lead to the understanding of the moronic discovery. So, its a geniune question whether journey from the search to research worth the life of an ingenious or this stupid act has become genious fate where rate of acceptance has it parameter overlying to kind of startification of vital values.

-Ankit Bisen


Theoretically faithful and Practically debtful!

Perspective of looking towards the event becomes the point of objective when our eyes were still looking for something which is essential to fulfill a needs of the person. But the similar kind of vision becomes dramatically absurd when a layer of unknown augmented to the mind of persona. Sometimes, to believe in something is really difficult act which mean to be completely strange for a person who actually passes his maximum part of life in such a disguise were the rest mind used to create false dogmatic belief which in turn harms the individual. But theoretically, that was a kind of faith what a person showing in order to pursue to encash it in forthcoming future which makes the first theoretical comment duely wrong, were the act has been made to gain the eternal solitude but opposite was the case in a practical dogma the person‘s life become duely debtful which keeps on crediting but the aspect of the faith and reverence keeps on debiting. Generational misfortune is the one where an individual needs a face which is having a psuedo mask and in fact it will show the things in a very fortunate manner in which you.want to. But, still question arises whether we always find a chance to rescue from actual condition and the actual comments or for us imaginary hallucination has replaced actual parameter which move on to make life more robust and lucrative. False comments, False beliefs and the obsession has become symptomatically worst for the persons growth exempt a person from the exploration and self knowingness. But still knowing this things we have a duely choose a path to become more and more debtful. Though it is very painful, it is true to admit Things remains in life “Theoretically faithful and Practically debtful”

-Ankit Bisen


Hostile Path!

Years went in buttering the path,

The essence of spirit evaporate apart.

Hard work has been replaced by futile job,

Still esteem of knowledge is taking its pseudo wrath!

Making someone’s happy becomes the white collar job,

Strict attitude now become a suffocating carb.

The era of the next generation were suppose to peep above the bar,

But length is just inch a far.

No-one knows now to whom to make known,

The essence of self discipline now seems to be a beautiful clown.

The middle part of life has turning to become a hectic chance,

And the latter part destined to show a melodious dance.

Keeping the small packets of mercy we gift a dreadful future as far,

The sharp edge of struggle is rapidly coming to decapitate you apart!

Time is alarming to show and let the bird inside to fly beyond,

So, don’t kept your wishes to just to shine bond.

A due message to early generation to get wake up as reformative storm is on.

Someday, the intuition call will to your brain,

Which will not permit you be hostile again.

The time came near to attend the integrity and persevere the dignity.

Running behind which leads to milestonic memorium,

With a sense to explore the world with distinct horizon

It becomes necessary to keep move on hostile path!

-Ankit Bisen


In search of the Good’will’!

Eyes of the shells tears out in pearl,

The sand of desert slips out like a whirl,

Nature of the organism starts to take turn,

Water came out of eyes when the insight tend to mourn,

Level of smile teaches us to learn,

How many feelings does a person has to gulp.

In search of something, nothing’s becomes his firm.

Days are out but baby’s Now are not stubborn,

Need of happy hour disguise itself in every hour.

Harmony and hostility left far behind in the modern earth.

Ambitions makes a person to get take a deadly bath and sunburn.

Sweat ask the worthiness of their efforts in a sanity.

Blood sacrificed it’s viscosity and got thinner integrity.

Hairs waived off in hope of vanity.

Though increment of gyrus and Sulcus develops the firm hurdle for the next Olympic.

Nastiness in nature acquired through a mindful poverty.

Waiting list of the opportunity scribbles the name in the wish list.

All the vital effects gifted to this insane in search of the good’will’, in search of the good ‘will’!

-Ankit Bisen


Wisdom: The sign of an idiot

Reading books, novels, and the biopics of an examplary have a lot to do with the geek members, society and status upgradation. We feel to much comfortness when we talk about the principles and modesty , perseverance and humanhood. We always teach our kids to be polite and honest which is the best policy of all times. But when child reach to its grown up phase he suppose to get affilicted with turmoil. Honesty which becomes the sign of slavery. Politeness becomes the sandal of Futile. Perseverance has left its own sense. Goodness become the sign bullying a simple person. Teachings of the childhood are now blossoming and blooming but the environments has kept the fragranance of filthier attitude. Man with money becomes the policy maker and ground level person becomes the railing tutorial to reach at the pinnacle. Studies lost their charm when it exposes to the practical reality. Falsehood of the parents becomes the curse for their own yards. Slaughtering of the beliefs and the facts realise the actual duty of the young one. A pleasant smile has been replaced by the facepack of guilt. The honour of the education and degrees find their stupendous position in the dustbin. The beliefs of the neighbhourhood become the lifeline of the kid where he lost the perception and the power to analyze the feild. Imposition of thoughts has their golden era where the father find their kids as offering their wish and dreams to the Campfire. Smile of some other we learn to keep on our face but lesson to grow has already lost its space. Comments of some other person becomes the important remark for the characterizing and putting milestone to the life. Laughther of the ones goodness has become the right of society. Now the question arises whether I took birth for the society or society for my wellness right. Righteous attitude often becomes a charge to get murdered while wrong attitude has always been awarded with a gold medal. After a long, we fail to treat any hazardous disorder and by the grace of the Cancer many got the bread and butter. Smartness has lost its importance and modified it into new definition where they refer it be like one thing which accomplish in the short duration. Physicians got the degrees to treat the others life , now we are not getting the dead body unless you put their pockets full of bribe. The inactiveness and loose nature of the government has led the private capitalisation to monopolise the common mans right. This is all about the wisdom which becomes a sign of an idiot and which makes you to blindly shine.
– Ankiitz B’sen


Struggle and the surrogate envious anger

All of us existed as a life form with different organisation of miniature architect. With different nature, different lifestyle and with different ambition. In that cycle we have to undergo different phases some with sweet memories and some are the bitter. But at the time of this progression some how human nature become orthodox and for some who invites all the incidence with supple mindedness their life accustomed to be versatile. Whereas, it has been observed that the scars of the struggle are just like an ornament whose each and every hammer drives the nail provides a beautiful scenary which at the begining felt like an absurd and filthy image with so much of impurities. But finally the finishing touch of the sculptor made the fine carvings and ensure the significance and grace of artifact. But, taste sometimes falls into bitter guard when those struggle journey laid the deep stictches which is painful and surely left some place in body with delicate remarks which need to be take care . The ese sensitive cravings are stimulated whenever the relapse of such incidence happen which laid you completely shaken. The healing of these envious wound is in search to heal where for the very first time I dont have any answer to claim which sometime transforms in the form of rage or sometime blunts the progress……… It’s a painful voice which ask for help with love of your viewers someday I hope it can again transform into jewel. -Ankiitz B’sen