The Ectasy of Moon Scorpio

The ectasy of the moon scorpio After a long back , with hustle and fustle for the selection of my next segment again I am infront of you guys. There was a story of King Arthur we heard it in our childhood was the which trace backs the mysterious remark on the face of everyone does such things happens the normal life or it is just a fantasy. Most of us are pertained by the string of bread and butter next to it is being concern this kind of are the actual kind of puzzling illusions. But answer to this is yes! Guys I want to tell you a story one kid and journey of the scars from the begining upto the end of its fading time. Once upon a time in 21st century there was a village known for the trade and prosperity. But night time in that village is of whisper that no one is able to listen. A snorr of the blasting bubble is always created next to the doorside of village entrance. Small kids were not permitted to go there as the sign of something unsual comes from the border of the village. The path of the village is guarded by village diety and it is said that village deity in the solitude form is present there all time. But occassionally some family members moved from that path in th bullockcart and stuck in between the path with anonymous person with miser condition. Looking at him, creates the feeling of sanity but for the sake of humanity they helped him. After coming to the entrance we found that the person is not there and the eyes of child which sit along with him remain shocked. That shock takes away his consciousness. The bullock cart rider remain astonished. He came to know about the things after the destination reached. Do you want to know happen to that child……… (to be continued)


Mahabharata: The delimma of ideology

Introduction of Ankiitz with Shri Krishna
The epic happening are the hallmark of Indian civilization, were the adventure and the mystery were plays hide and seek. Where and what moment the story will take next move we don’t know.Most of the made the children confused about their upbringing and the story world always welcomes you by a note: “Welcome to the world of coctail”.By the Master psychologist Shri Krishna is always glitter with a smile. When he memorize the event of the whole drama. At the sametime he is feeling painful also because all peoples are engage in worshiping him without understanding who he is? We keep on worshipping Geeta but we won’t understood its significance further onwards the era of divisibility came and the categorization of creed based on the likeness of the mind and the cold war started based ideological divisiness. Here amazing thing is that this book of policy were designed to make prosper the people’s life based on the events and struggle and the pain, suffering and conclusive wisdom which the Krishna acquired in his lifetime the goodness and bitterness of the lifetime event in the form of the questionnaire which have been created by Krishna , answered by Krishna and delivered by Krishna. But the question remains the same who is actually Krishna? You will get enormous books reciting the greatness of Krishna and his wisdom at the sametimes his mischevious face. But the thing is that nothing is great in the world no one great in this world and in the universe. By calling someone great we are making a safe corner for us to repeat and perform the menace and to our own life because we are not ready to take responsibility. Now the Krishna is crying and he went in an illusionary world where all the things are at their proper place which makes the world beautiful. But when he is coming back in reality , he is utter,” All the struggle of life gone waste , here the people made me God but fail to understand who am I. They placed my wordings into the prison of the book which is restricted to so called intelligent conjob while image is protarayed to have fun in name of playboy. Is it what am I?”. He is asking again and again. Why you worship the this hell identity. Now, the tears are watering from his eyes and he is saying,” Really , today I felt that I fail in my attempt, because the person who is making an attempt…..they place them in the air conditioned chamber with enclosed wall of marbles but they fail to understand the reason”. I was alone in my room just sitting watching him and feeling pitty of him, then I asked,” You are like us only , you also know to cry and the other sets of emotions we have similar you also possess”. Krishna looking at me strangely, says, ” yes! Of course, I am like you I also took birth from mother’s womb and I left earth after my death”. I smiled and thoughtfully one thing I intentionally want to ask him, he is starring at me with some feeling of turmoil and strangness.Now again I asked,” If you are common man then how you got the super powers and sudarshan chakra, what is the need of this accessories man, frankly?” Krishna keeping quite and pondering into my eyes replied,” what should I call you a friend, brother, kid or a strange person”. I got puzzled, ” why he is not giving answer to my straight forward question, and what rubbish he is asking we are worshipping him as agod now he is asking what shall he obliged me…. Strange and I am not understand let us ask him the reason,……. Krishna why you are asking me like that, if you don’t want to tell me then its ok! I will not asking you again. Krishna smiled on my innocence, he told me ,” Ankit, this is your name and my name is Krishna then there must br something which can relate me and you which finally stood out as a relation. Them only I will be comfortable with you.” I mesmerized and looking at him with my cross eyes I replied,” ok! If this is your condition, I am alone in this world I dont have a single friend, from today onwards I am relating you with me as my best friend”. Now Krishna got delighted, then replied” ok! My friend thanks for your friendship……………”(to be continued)
-Ankiitz B’sen