“Chants “: The Amplifier

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We have certain sects of obsessed people who gain their eminence by making the things critical, while other sects of the people who take the things so simple that it becomes the taken for granted. Which shows the nature has its perseverance for extremist, which are the most benevolent thing we eventually found in our surrounding which always create a impart on one another. The ways and the nature of The impact is different in different forms. In a society, the people’s are getting affected by the comments and obligation. If you are quiet then visual scenery creates an impact; if you are you are blind the surrounding sensation creates a impact on your senses. Which made the finals conclusion a certain vibration are allays present there whether you are present or not. But straight fowardly why we have the sensation and the response of this vibration is impacting us why not the non- living objects ? But the reality is that this vibration creates an impact on all the creatures and the creation of the almighty and the only thing you are sensing this vibration because our body acts as a mirror which reflects the image to you.; the phenomenon which require something get incident and the something to bounce back. In order to get Sharper image we need lenses of higher resolution which amplifies the the true image in whichever the the form One’s desired of. This is what the common reasoning for the amplification of vibration which has been creating it’s effect on the specified subject which works objectively. But it’s a hard luck of we people that taking birth on the earth we are engaging ourselves more in materializing the object apart from understanding and maintenance of inner software. This science of the amplification is well established and researched in the peninsula area surrounded by three oceans. But still we are unable to understand the importance of our own science. The diversion from this path has led to the transformation of the new definition of science which has uprooted the depth of the science and finally led to the preaching of the false hood. This science of the vibration is “Chant” by which the person can able to manage, to stabilize and to understand every sequence of the live movie and which made you to be in such a state that you can beat a vilian inside before the foolish doom of you life. In order to justify your life event try to amplify your each and every moment. See you guys! Meet you in the next advent of the segment.
-Ankiitz B’sen

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