Cognition and ‘Re’-cognition: Clear story

Dear friends, we are very much familiar with the word ‘cognition’, which has been revealed in our day to day life frequently. But only few have proper idea of what its actually and how to utilize this make your living more worthy. As being an analyst, I am assessing numerous paper daily but one thing I get to know the person who are drafting a paper have little bit of deformity with their cognition as indication and motive of writing reasearch work has become more a business more than imparting the research expriences with a common lay man public. And hence the common lay man is falling into the prey some malpracticing specialist who making money by bullying them with complicated and diverseedical terminology. Ok, coming back to the point I want share some of the useful information incontext to cognition without going in the deep meachanism which can make you feel ease in understanding main theme of the story. Cognition, forget about the origination of word focus on what it subject because you are using this word with different terminology. This complete process relies with understanding, identification, memory retention and regression and reterival of the information and the proper execution of the sequential events and the rhythmic organized happening of the life time events. For example,” If I am watching Salman Khan’s movie and suddenly the he utterred a dialogue and the response which you brain giving with respect to happening event and how well you are managable in the recollection of the event meant the rhythmicity of you mind to rewind the moment and visualize it properly. But again, the recollection is followed by the identification of the objects and person which is the main and critical in perception. Followed by those moment placement of the object in the surrounding places. Are some of the significant aspect which we concern in order to asses common aptitude of any peraonality. Also in some of the Govt. examination the assertions and reasoning plays a vital role in promoting the adaptability and the accepatbility of the frequencies from surrounding events. However, it has been seen almost majority of the peoples are afflicted with some kind of the cognitive disorder, so please dont make issue if you find some other with such kind of issue. Another face of the similar coin is ‘Re’-cognition, it has been more common and we are using in our day to day life like our talent has not been ‘recognize’d by any superior or colleague. See again you peoples are only teaching so leneantly and without any peer pressure on your brain to assimilate what is it. Recognition is usually considered to be a relative phenomenon where there is two personalities are coming into play to give a validity to the event which ensures the proper psychological inbuilt and understanding. For this kind of happening we need such person who has been validated to have physiologically well without any affliction but it is again like moron talk of the idealistic property however no person is ideally cogintivelly perfect they are on path of it and progressing. In order to understand the nature of the which validate the performance we have categorize based on the instinct reference such as Face validity which gives the clear phenotypic or superficial understanding of the easiness or difficulty in perception from their facial expression and the notion. Second one is constructive validity where again we search for the constructiveness of the idea and the placement which need higher cortical activity which is essentially a deeper proccess than the previous conclusive one. Third one is mechanistic validity criteria supports the previous and perform the follow up study in understand how the deep mechanism works to attend proper synchonization of the neurophysiological and the biochemical pathways to deliver the message and execute with a sheer perfection with respect to stored memory. And the final but not the least the we have hippopotamus (hippocampus) a store house which manages the data bank during complete life cycle and the detail about the hippo we will see in next lecture. Hope, guys this will help you little bit helpful in gaining essence of Cognitive Science before moving into pile and heaps of Geeks books. See you all and take care and heartiest thanks for giving your due time. Bye

– Ankit Bisen

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