Deva’s and Rakshasha’s: The clan of evolutionary importance

Total zone of the persons mind is always tries to keep them busy in some investigation whether it will be real, imaginary or personal and even though practical also. Childhood is having a biggest impact on person mind and the series of upbringing plays the role in the later part of life. The idea imposed on the childhood has its distinct based on the condition and the struggle which both the parent and child has to track on and the incidences which keep on repetetive or one time momenteous mode. Now, the main question arise whether parents are the real parent or they have created or just genesized the output of enjoyment. Which roll on with mythical characters of the “Deva” and “Danava” (Rakshaha) and the happeneing incidences which led to origination of vedas and the upnishadas. Here, sometimes I laugh at the instances we are only creating , we are only judging and we are only managing and the responsiblity is always kept on the shoulder of some other. To make easier the sustainability and to preservere our ego very brilliantly by means of the set of policy created by few person of the society. Which we have regarded as the most wise one. Here, please take into note ” all the thing which uttering right now doesn’t makes the sense that all thing are incorrect or wrong but we have to further construct new society based on the necessary amendment, which help the new generation to keep track to prosper in their own life”. But the fictional characters are telling something else like Devas they are charming, beautiful and powerful and one special quality is that they vegeterenean and Next to them are Danavas they are dirty, single minded, ambitious and fickle minded but very much determined and powerful in enactment; one more special assets they are non- vegeterenean by nature. After my thought proccessing activity, I came to some conclusion that the evolutionary phase of the life is still not ended and the doom of the rakshasha clan is continuosly happened by the Devic community a long back series but not on the battle feild but by means of politics and the filthy trap. But if Devas are so much powerful then why there is a need of politics. However on the other hand if Rakshas are so much powerful why they are fickle mindee by nature and what made them ti indulge in certain sinful activity. This proccess goes on and the finally all the happenings are similar from both the sides but only one which makes the difference is the kind of food they are taking. And the evolutionary changes which happened so fast in Devas and the that this evolutionary phase which remain timid in case of Rakshasa. The psuedo belief that Rakshasha are wrong, being created by some highly evolved people to ascertain their affirmative position and chair. That’s what the final conclusion made to the story where the acceptability of mind the use of its optimum speed is very well answered by changing the food habits which may evolve to you to its optimum and the fictional character like Devta and Rakshasha will play no more vital role in your life. This is what this generation has to understand fromtheir parents to judge and to execute but nowadays its harsh but brutal truth have child making machine but dont have proper protocol to made them a finished product.Total brain and mind goes in stucking ears in others progressive activity but our own shadow darkness falls in the bitter trap. Need of the time, need of the hour and need of the hour , is need of the minute and need of the minute is need of the second. But we still engagaed in the fullfilling of the moment which is not at all complete unless and the connectivity of chain is properly maintained. Be wise but thoughtful……! Hope your brain get oiled šŸ™‚ -Ankiitz B’sen

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