Eclipse : The impact of words on Human psyche

Dear friends,  instead working  in a real life and taking a pleasure of all moments, make the all moment and your inner world to let cherish; this will continue unless and until you stuck at some point. This is a scenario, when most of our energies remain stop and non working at this moment, which lead to create a lot of scenario like fear, complex attitude and anger as well as suspicion. As we move on , life continues in its own pace but the island of the desire , ego, pleasure and other wordly thing make your journey more interesting. We know the truth but we falsify all our belief and the insight of what actually attached to you. We never let the anything leave so easily as the glue with which they have been attached is of deep importance . Certainly, If we look the any living creature on the , their life must seems to be very easy , food,  shelter and clothing are the primary need . These three miles stones are not a big deal to grab from any one’s approach. But still , between this trigonal element there are several locus of point which rely as secondary, tertiary and quaternary etc but their existence have been created make you journey interesting where you have to cross from one segment to another . Meanwhile, you will summarized all the positive and negative moment of life which made you to strive and attend the position that you destined. Infant when we look at the two points definitely it’s been easy to connect these point; but really is it possible and is it easy. Everyone has their own notion and judgement. But finally conclusion, the all event in your life is to connect with each other … To relate with each other, to help each other. It means your alone life is not the driving force which is running the world . The point at which you stuck certainly you need a help of some other person to get out of it. Eccentricity and arrogance prosper when likely someone gives importance and overpower the aspect which need to be fulfill destroy the eternal connectivity and let the lives to get spoil. On the contrary , the life of the person prosper and proliferate to positive growth when it shares and respect mutual presence of the solitude entity which lead to formation of any community. We have different schools of thought and varied Philosophies as well as their indistinct approach to grab the same thing from different topological views. Means the ever need to adapt and to survive is much more essential to make the things possible.
        Now, here we will come to the topic of today’s discussion about Eclipse , what does it mean and why the single spell automatically ruined the upcoming enthusiasm and the factors that impact the lives of every individual in one or another way. Eclipse is more more popular, phenomenal hiding of the illuminating thing. In normal language , we call those phenomenon as Solar eclipse or Lunar eclipse which is dealing geographical and and astronomical importance. Because , Sun and Moon are the lone planet and satallite which is visible from human approach. But due to some act of astral importance the linear alignment of this planets leads to Eclipse. Means now Either Sun or Moon is on holiday, they are not serving you now in  for some moment. But as soon as they move from that alignment, again the they illuminate in their natural way. As the Eclipse. might takes place for few moment, but its impact on the lives of that planet have  a very great impact:
These are the primary things, which have been incarnated in your psyche. But question is that why it arises , due to ‘lack of’…….
Whatever the you know , you will the blanks. Fear of the ‘unknown’ are the some factorials, which finally lead to think and imagine the stuffs as a result’ Probability’ generated. With that help of this Probability to play to come with certain conclusion for that you ‘Permetuate perform the Combination’. With the results you set the ‘Limits’  and for the sort of reassessment you ‘ Integrate ‘ the events within the limits and to have properly  of your output you ‘Derivatize’ the solution to higher order to detect the proper Luke holes. It means truth is straightforward which is having two points that is yes or No. But, the eclipse or the gap of knowledge, let you pass through this journey by different mode where you calibrize the facts and test the robustness of the result and the final output. Which you explore the hidden potential of your own, you create the techniques and let innovation bloom on the desk . The process through which you move you call that phase as a struggle. The final output leads you to prosperity and fame but you blame the process through which you pass and the person you meet. So, a single can change a life of an individual but it depends how you take the things.
         Final motive of this writing is to show , that Greater the darkness more proportionate will be the success. If you work on the solution. Which need the connecting points as the mutual relationship with all individual without whom the universe is incomplete. The Eclipse is the moment comes in everyones life, when you get engaged deeply in one thing, to let you know the importance of the other entity in universe to let you surplus energy relieved and equilibriate amongst the others. Eclipse the momentus declined of the shine of one’s aura but it will not remain for all the time , it’s lesson to teach an individual; how it feels when someone decline and to respect individual who are the supporting pillars who are always their to keep you delight and make you smile.
Thanks.. Keep smiling!

Ankiitz B’sen

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