Emotional Intelligence : Negligence and Outcomes

When we talk about a ‘Man’ lot of things come into active mode and now they get the opportunity to show their resemblance and the film continues with varied foot points which created a some vanish-able and some un-vanish able memories . As we know memories are the final outcomes but in this process sometimes the reflective losses and earnings have been made by the person in understanding own lives and the process of transformation. Each and every moment the things roll out in a similar fashion but the effect inculcate is different in different lives. These memories accompanies the first boundary line of the live match where feelings are the bells the incidents are the ball and the preceptor’s psyche is a bat. However, we have disagreements in lots of aspects this is what the problem of statement and hence it makes us to continue this long journey of human surveillance. This has shades of different genre of the life what the person can feel in the early , middle and the late phase of life. Feelings can be molded, feelings can be refined. From the eras the intelligence have craved illustration of broad categorization as superficial, social and deep intellect which have been most commonly encountered in our day to day life. Some enigmatic personalities as psychopaths, empathetic, sympathetic and pathetic lives groom in day to day life. Most of us get entrapped in this stuffs and the limitation of the ideological horizon prevent us from the further exploration and indeed these thing are more likely favor as a topic of debate. In order to ensure this kind of intellect it’s essential to understand the grip of the person and the outlook of the person in pursuance of the happening issues. Which unlikely rewards you with feelings of love, courage, rage, mutual infatuation etc. These are the different types behavioral traits which make us to observe phenotypically when we Ponder into the concept of this borderline behaviour we accustomed to get puzzled or fall into the trap of illusion and dilemma which at certain makes the person feel unconscious but once the hold over the breathe has been mastered, then it becomes easy for a person to impoverish the sustaining situation. Major revolution in the field of emotional intelligence has been made from the periodical time points were consciously matured and benevolent personalities have compiled their statements of behavior by sometimes personifying the ethical values, metaphorically or in ironic manner. Followed by the huge number of debates their acceptance and discarding follow up the complete session. Notable works of Guru Nanak, Veda Vyasa, Shri Krishna etc. And several other notable personalities across the globe have created the verses which are more based on the philosophical dogma of the emotional intelligence. Now a days, this particular section of the science has been on the stage of deterioration. Main nooks which have been pin point is the basis and lack of the practical evidences have made this section to suffer more and more. In actual sense it’s the suffering of the manhood where auto-generated queries and feelings and the myths of certain kind of ideology, have made the living lives to the stage of turmoil. Behavioral connectivity and the interpersonal relationships to suffer a lot. Because of the trigger of these feeling which just acts as remote control for a person to get mold into has been practiced in a wrong way which is the greatest threat to the humanity. Scientifically, the terms are complicated and but it’s not always essential to complicated the lives to nurture true things with a soft attitude. We have to keep in mind science which encompasses the parameters of fact and mechanism is nothing if emotional attitude is penetrative. Because of which the common assertive statements doesn’t remains the assertive it just get transforms into the next level discovery. So, the attitude of outlook needs to be changed where duties have been surmounted with ego and arrogance while parametric hierarchy demolishes the young sprouts to get explore and enjoy the wordy wishes of the world in true sense. Thanks viewers and readers for showing patience in understanding the topic.

– Ankit Bisen

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