Frightened Piece!

Looking after the modernization, and the fragnant armpits we are likely more civilized and dominating species o the earth. The spheres of the atmosphere has been ornamentalised with our mighty deeds. In the mid era the desires and virtues were march towards the horizontal arch line whereas the interesting private acts led the vision to gain the heights. Eyes are the one which have been common assets with the lives but the sensual five symptoms lets wisdom to sit under thighs. Looking after the progress of the young’s mom kissed the forehead of the son’s for his stupendous victory. The beats of the enjoyment enchanted the civilized life. Everyone shows the cheers cup on the progressive webing hives. Only one metaphorized lives sit quietly and crying on the act of the dominant race with grief and pain inside. The one which have played different roles in the ages of the earth’s life some give their blood addressing the them as Either of the Parents all the time.

No doubt the era came where worth of the moral lives decreases, so that trend of the sarcasm gradually increases. Some depicted it in a fiction and while some featursized the cost of it in theater. When the human keeps his foot on the land, the piece of land want to hide on the other hand. The mutual enmity we are paying for the years sometimes the land want the blood whereas sometimes land has to disappear. This ambiguous relation has made the mother earth to have in trouble no one shows the wiser attitude and becomes the nature burner. The load on the earth is completely frightened because myths of personification is loosing its terror. The conflict of the conventional mind eradicating the importance of those myths in preserving in nature. In disguise of the Rationale thinking we have already hampered the lure. In the rush of the truth lie crosses the winner line , is it not strange we are hammering our own leg all the time.

Sometimes, the curiosity puts you in a danger its call from the universe don’t try to become the nature’s ranger. The wrath is naturally embedded in nature which can be a boon or bane it depends on.the person who knowingly acts like a strangers.

By- Ankiitz Bisen

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