From Silk to Cocoon!

A wheeze of fresh air just touches my heart inside!
Some cosmological phenomenon has their impact on my insight..
Entry of some chicks let my bird to fly with rhythm
The essence of the newness just gloom from inside.
After a long time I have taken a sigh of relief,
Looking for  someone like a soulmate  ignite every moment of life,
Every past moment embarked, a scar of unforgettable sins,
Really I don know how to show my tears by through invisible means.
Purity of thoughts always been find their place in the chapter.
Hopelessness and negative emotions just entrap the growth and fervour
Emotions are too delicate, that it can be broken from time to time!
The session of rebuilt takes  hard efforts from recovering inside.
The stories which yet to begin just finished before its shine!
Which moment I should blame, which my inner bird to stay inside,
The vary moment its starts to fly becomes the prey of some evil eye,
The external vibes needs a time again to settle deep inside.
Happiness and enthusiasm are the two face of similar coins
There are some stanzas which reflects you experiences with this and thy
The broken always let some , origination of the sound
It appears pleasing to someone while to some it beheaded as a crown
Just let flow the deepest desire you kept inside
Otherwise your life will be like an earth with hard crust and having sudden landslide
Pain is the important factor which let you think and drive!
In order, to balance something let expels the surface mud outside
The things will reveal, and nature will take care of thine
Now you have broken , other days their mind will stuck on you every time
Don’t let the opportunity to go, express your feelings with rudimentary pro
This era has been promoted with pro and lite
Fabrication of anything needs the working soul inside
Again, winding up of the puppet done by the our Almighty
Who never responds to prayer but take proper revenge and enjoys the bonfire with songs of the arrhythmic cardiac vibes
Like my poetry, my life is without conventions,
No punctuation and just stand still with frozen situation
Coccons of the mulberry usually started to thrives after life .
Reverse, to that situation now losing its shine the silk is coming back to cocoon with stagnation!

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