Future in the Weed!

Looking over to the medicine, suddenly my thoughts turmoil,
In the era of this patent, my ego of knowing sublimes,
Medicinal history has forseen the era Papyrus Ebers to Materia Medica.
The Holy scriptures and medicinal Indica.
The Sages of the vedica and other from the medival time,
Performs their activity including sacrifice and rites,
Some of them transcends from solid sphere to etheral shrine!
Novel pursuits of the medication, envisaged the research online,
Now, the timidity of the brain and other organs lead to fall due lack of knowledge and proper education  to climb.
Understanding vary from culture to culture…
Different sects have been practising their rituals like a vulture.
The days spirituality has been eradicated from solitude contingency,
New era, started where  they stalked the Monetary Regency!
The designing of the medicine in synthetics labs, started to put rationale.
Just seeming, like body after the soul rejection.
The amplification of the activity needs to be understand.
The integrity of the medicine with supportive natural constituent never withstand!
Process of elucidation, may harness you with fullfill  the specific deficiency,
Now a days, the synthetic labs works in a fancy.
Like theatrical movie which starter by only Lead role,
Storyboard seems to be empty, devoid of  cheering audience and supportive co-ords
Necessity of the single bullets, is  need of the time,
But in terms of showing geniousnes you can never harness a life.
The intention to develop medicine put zeal of the healers deep inside,
Once you deliver, the simple water can works as a miracle at times.
The substitute therapist , should respect each other, leaving the law of dominancy
Just put the complimentary hand to each other.
Definitely, the golden era will be wheezing to get complete fresh start.
Just open up your, mind and remove the ignorance bar.
Try to enjoy the pursuits of the therapy which needs by the society.
Avoiding the foolish quarrel, regarding their excellence and the fateful mighty.
World  is the mere island which attached by the roofs , trenches, glaciers, valley and the loof!
They provide, the craft to pass on the limitations barrier.
Teach your yards, to expect the sense of ignorance and give a proper education bestowed with merits qualities of the laurates.
Just pass on sense of acceptibility in children’s,
First learn your ownselves before implementing in a  social medium.
The transformation of the complete physiology will be a mark of new Oracle.

Before acting sophisticatedly ,teach them to survive in Crude lab,
Let their roots to works as tap roots gripping the earth  with a string foundation.
They someone cut you, you must develop passively.
Put you fears on the front, and tackle them with dare hope fully.
Understanding, of the nature is utmost essential before knowing about the fruitful
Also tell them, healing constituent inthe weed also appear!


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