Greatness of the “Null”

This is an obligation which I am hearing in the routine phase , how the people in order to prevent from the formal situation use the word ‘Great’ which makes the person on safer to do anything which has not been prevented by them. Now-a-days , there is no acceptability for the true affirmations, for the confirmation and acceptability we need to take help of the people around whom you have been surrounded with such bull personalities. Especially, it becomes easier now to criticised some other part of the society based on their weakness. And the session of the slavery goes on with futile minded person. The things which impact more is to stay in goodbooks and exploit the life of some other person. Ruining the life of some other becomes the game of intrest . And the fame proceed towards the person having a wealth of ignorance. Bitterness of the present is always good when you comment it on some other and it becomes the when it reflect backs to you. Great word has created a nuisance which has created the false public figure which always tries to misguide you and guide you as well and taking the advantage of the position only the “rich” which has been regarded as the vulnerable class of the society is getting a so much impact of it. But, the when duties becomes a fate of the greatness and enjoying the materialistic values becomes the sign of common man then, its a true prediction that we are relocating our steps in the path of journey which starts by something and end upto nothing. We have a due concious about the fiction, false world and the miracle but we are still running away from the actual phase of the life which has both the face . Till the end of my quotes are concluding the nullness which always resides in the greatness which will help the live of some other whether it may relate you directly or indirectly you can imitate the situation better then anybody else. Understanding the theme doesnt require the concept of the black hole, mystery of the unknown which just mean fantasize the session, you dont need to have doctrate or any university geek but the thing is required is the ‘sense’ which is so much common that now a days it becomes hard for the person to achieve which made it extremely uncommon. Digest it and respond soon!

– Ankiitz B’sen

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