Hard to Forgive!

Forgive me   forgive me!
My ears aspire to listen,
But the wait of those words abstain by the sun,
Likewise moment I saw with everyone,
Over pressured person belongs to the none,
Right moment and right place the grudge willing to came out.
Nonetheless, the frustration tear and coming out of the stout,
Bombarding of the emotion reveals the explosion inside,
Who’s  ours ans Who’s  others the silence playing the serious  game side by side
Response and reactions are the only goals to achieve.
Volcano needs time to let them appear,
Slowly, the sensibility and memory draining quietly,
The hurted wound needs the justice somehow slightly,
The target is now hindering somewhere,
Your silence the terrible enemy, who kills anyone with ‘dear’.
Total exposure of the one’s face is still in a decent pears.
The surmount dirt is an outcome the internal cold war that nakedly appear,
Not always dirt is the sign of the awful 
It’s  an outcome terrible and havoc situation  which never appear,
These stories are always one sided which remains biased for years.
Justice is the only thing which you ideally want remains different for everyone whomsoever been a saviour,
The culprits reside a sideways and visible with contented attitude just by the thrashing other’s  live and expecting good from them as what they bear!
The only thing in the society counsel’s the victim,
Forgive the culprit it will left you more popular amongst the fleshy smear,
It’s easy to say but really  hard to forgive,
Conclusive of the whole It’s hard forgive and never ask for justice otherwise you dear one’s  only make you Sue!

Ankiitz B’sen

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