Im’paired or I ‘m’ paired beliefs!- Which one?

It was a great day, after a long time I retaliate to my native. As we know, the willingness to know about something always make a curious note on the perceptive side. After a terrific routine now I get a chance to have a sigh of relief, as it glitters on someone’s face sometimes might not be digested by a person. At the time social interaction I came across some of the brilliant brains.They accompanied such brilliancy in order to evaluate the social status of the life ;where possession of any material acquisition embark the landmark prosperity and perpetual attitude to stay and were the minimal eligibility criteria to stay with. I usually try to escape from such conversation and make myself abstain from the social regency. But, person standing in front of me has allegedly enrolled himself in a competition as such we awarding ceremony is waiting for him to get felicitated; Most of the time I refused to engaged but it’s a utter task , where that person wants to validate Newton’s third law. He made the numerous attempt in discreetly possessive way were the words like location of city, credibility of job, stratification of JD,the annual material output which the person encompass. I was duly surprised with such an attitude of social certification. Its not a strange aspect but a common one which has manifested our societies framework, ideology,interactive philosophy and somehow dampen the spirit of willingness to exist anymore. These kind of termites were the primary reason to create a decay in the tooth canal of the foundation society.

Yes, it is for sure I am creating a sort of remark through my writing that writer must have some objections regarding the functioning of the society. But have look on nearby events and activities that have unfortunately merged the distinct lives through which we have bridge interpersonal relations; One which represents your bread and butter and one which in individual sensuality which are reckoned pillar for the prevalence of Sapiens fraternity. Hope, this discussion nevertheless, a rocket science but the impact of this behavior make will some day lead to exceptional personality who can recreate the history either of any segment of studies. Present era, so far has been described as the era of stress, accepted but in order to make research on stress, primary impact has been conquered by the stress. Individuality can be seek only through , personal introspection not by social demarcation. Most of the young individuals, they are ending up their lives just only because of their failure achieving the image which has been reflected aesthetic ancestral chain reaction. Apart from making lives hell, we must promote the unique and the individual identity gained by the pattern of the lifestyle we can gift to someone and helping them in order to getting out of it not by mere pulling the legs in an orchid. Summon, making aware of the right to an individual may lead to prosper more and more.

Apart from fetching the impaired ideology which indirectly suffer you.Let’s, pronounce in a “I ‘ m’ paired” and see the miracle in front of your eyes. In claiming my statement, If hurt someone’s feeling then I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. But, things which have been drafted is straight from my heart, hope some day it will help some person in recreating his own and somewhere’s person’s life. Thanks very much guys! For reading things with a due patience.

By- ‘006’


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