In search of the Good’will’!

Eyes of the shells tears out in pearl,

The sand of desert slips out like a whirl,

Nature of the organism starts to take turn,

Water came out of eyes when the insight tend to mourn,

Level of smile teaches us to learn,

How many feelings does a person has to gulp.

In search of something, nothing’s becomes his firm.

Days are out but baby’s Now are not stubborn,

Need of happy hour disguise itself in every hour.

Harmony and hostility left far behind in the modern earth.

Ambitions makes a person to get take a deadly bath and sunburn.

Sweat ask the worthiness of their efforts in a sanity.

Blood sacrificed it’s viscosity and got thinner integrity.

Hairs waived off in hope of vanity.

Though increment of gyrus and Sulcus develops the firm hurdle for the next Olympic.

Nastiness in nature acquired through a mindful poverty.

Waiting list of the opportunity scribbles the name in the wish list.

All the vital effects gifted to this insane in search of the good’will’, in search of the good ‘will’!

-Ankit Bisen

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