Indwelt Philosophy of the Shani Deva and Iron

My deep longing desire of the Myths and mythological stories craved me to write something which might be beneficial for the public to practice and take advantage of the some artifacts which have been referred in our Purana and some stories in the religious text of Sacred Santana Dharma.

Dear Readers, after having a glimpse over the internet and the stupendous e-traffic on the astrological website have create a relic of the trend where in order to restore the mental peace and harmony; common man is subjected to perform numerous deeds which might prove to be blessing for either by the god or by the other names with which we are referring him. Before starting a discussion I want to disclose one thing that please have a  logical outlook while going through the topic as we all know that assertions are followed by reason. At present we have lot of stuffs regarding the Shani dev and the rituals which we perform to please him. Most commonly, we are using iron ring especially, horseshoe ring in the middle finger. 

Assertion:- We wear a iron ring to waive off the bad effects of Shani. It will lead to prosper the good luck of an individual.

Reason:- Iron is a ferromagnetic substance, having a magnetic profile. Initially, in an element the metal ions remain intact due to the ionic forces which are necessary to make them in an intact position. Also, the electron remains non-motile and in ground state in the absence of the the gradient. With respect to human body when utilize any iron supplements; then it is necessary that iron supplements must be transformed in the most usable forms (bio-transformation). The transform the iron ions comes in a activated state having excited electrons which might be beneficial for the biological assimilation process for the other prerequisite biological activities.

  • Ring must which the person should wear must be in the rusted form.
  • Ring must not be polished 
  • As  Shani dev, has been considered as the one makes you strong by means of the next level task, it requires ample amount of energy which can be provided by the rusted iron only.
  • Rusting is a red-ox process where the mutual chemical reaction lead to the oxidation of the iron , hence the iron comes into the activated state. And proves to be more beneficial for the sake of the wearing.
  • The rusted iron come easily in contact with superficially located blood vessels so, by it equilibrium the deficiency of the iron in the body.
  • Apart from wearing iron, one must also able to take the iron supplements in form of bhasma, which can be done stricly under the medical supervision.
  • The immense importance of the black horseshoe (kale ghode ki naal), the factual side is such that the horse shoe has been nailed in the Horse for the sake to prevent any injury at the time of the riding. Which ensures the  strength and sturdiness to the horse. When, the horse shoe undergoes the series of the rigorous activities and  it comes in contact with the earth and becomes of the immense friction and mechanically natural chiseling . The metal becomes surprisingly active and get energized. So the , the ring may supplement to fulfill the deficiency of iron in the human body.
  • Black horse having complete black body , which scientifically absorbs about 98% of the total heat emitted from the solar source which lead to special advantage making the horse shoe in an active mode.
  • Don’t buy polished ring or the horse shoe.
  • Don’t get scared of he Sade sati, it’s biological process which happens with every individual , which is having a direct relation with the process of the hematopoeisis (blood formation process). Where the common man is having three cycles of  the Sade sati in a person’s life.
  • During which, the alteration in the normal specific gravity of the body fluids and the loss of  ferrous ions from the blood takes  place, which lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain and other vital organs might takes place.
  • Remedies are easy and no need of any special expenses, if the person is not able to buy horse shoe. 
  • Then look after any the thing in you household kit which has been continuously used mechanically and roguishly and must be in rusted form.
  • Draw a iron ring out of it it will also helps you in stabilizing the human aura.

By- ‘006’

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