Insight – Truth of “Beingness “

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Puzzling of mind with onscreen daily activities and coming up along with mental fatigue is a common problem in a day to day. After getting aware of the predictable happenings of routine events; we always remain in search of the adventure which blow our mind with refreshing and mind stroming activities. But really is that the thing which will last for a long time or it just like any snacks which make feel awesome as long as it will remain in the mouth afterwards we long for the thing and in search of which lost the beingness which always stays alongwith you in silence in your routine. We insearch of hill station always neglect the local residential in search of peace and feel of goodness avoid the brilliant opportunity to explore the possibilities but we neglect it all the time. Based on this situation I remember the childhood tales as there is famous story of the farmer who was satisfied and the seed of dissatisfaction been cultivated by by one scholar who made him aware with the glorifying qualities of the diamond and the point at which he left his farm and home solding out his own property and went for wandering like a nomad in search of diamonds at last he gained nothing. At last he and his family ended with nothing and the truth reveals when the scholar again went by that path farmers home where one lake is sparkling with the stones and he recognize it as a diamond; he was so willing to tell the farmer about it’s heritage but it was too late. The scholar was unable to beg pardon to himself as he was feeling completely sinful for the act he did. Which always reminds me a journey from something to nothing with seed of dissatisfaction from the external source. Acknowledging to this story one thing I really from the bottom of my heart wants to share with you guys the paradise is along with us just try to make it more splendid so that even God’s king Indra may feel jealous of such heaven which made him to come on the earth. In a due course of life in some instance we sometimes forget our own beingness and the presence in this beautiful world try to make even more better.
There is one thing which thing which we always needed to remember that hill station are only made for staying as tourist for few days if you even try to settle on it then slowly it will transform and shows the next phase which is even worst then the hell. Sometimes things ate hard to digest initially but at last when made it properly……
That’s the phase of self -realization and here you will now accompanied with the team “Insight” which will create a feeling of beingness which is even more prettier the we ever dreamt of. After that you strip your body with the feeling of sarcasm and the inferiority complex because of which the complete world is suffering. We in this world falsely claiming that the disease and the disorder like Cancer and AIDS have engulfed our lives but it is aforementioned feeling which make you drowning day by day inch by inch. So, please stand up stay hard lead your life more cheerfully and changed the concept which led you to March your journey from something to awesomeness. Thanks guys. See you again !
-Ankiitz B’sen