Introduction to Bio-informatics

I am Ankit Bisen, your tutor and beloved friend, guys hope you all doing well. I am a researcher cum bio- informatician present some of the important code blocks which essential from the present point of view. Bio- informatics, now a days being popular and emerging field which aspects the implementation of the bio-logical virtues to fullfil the emerging needs of the generation and to counteract the solution of problem of statement on a virtual scale. In a recent phase, globally the animal conservation acts are being actively executed to safeguard the well being of the experimental animal and thus framing newer avenues to minimise the gross utilization of animals on a broad scale. Hence, one such way is by utilizing virtual assets in predicting the plan of research and the most probable outcomes.

Bio-informatics, as the name only indicates which is derived from two words i.e Biological science and Information technology. Both the sects of the science carry their own pursuits and rather different in approach but by the emergence of the bio-informatics, which has become the connecting loop between the basic and application science. This interdisciplinary field has been employed in various sector and has successfully contributed in the developmental milestones in the field of genomics, and other life science research. Recently, the emergence of the biological medicines, vaccine and healthcare related research has accelerated by its application. It has become a resource of deposition of huge information bank for the biological data.

An impetus to the bioinformatics has been gained after the successful completion of the human genome project. Which is major project…..(to be continued)

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