“Karnapriya”: The Delicious Sound!

In the era of the gathering,
The someone is given speech flattering
The bees are now humming in the ground,
Claps are most welcome to felicitate the crown!
Words from the mouth salivate like a honey,
Infact, sunburn are happening in these sunny!
Countable pains are now transformed into ice cubes,
As long as you deliver the masking truth.
Artificial smile has to transform in the laughter,
Quality of the issue becomes the primary factor.
The idea of the decency and etiquettes longing as per relative aspect,
So, that no one can pick out you as suspect.
As every fruits in the nature suppose to be perishable,
Similar, way fresh ideology will get corrupt undisputable.
Those who are unable speak , now are legible lecturers,
Gaining instant intelligence , the individual spikes
Hence, the era of the corruption have a lot advocate in hike
The moment you listen someone bit wise,
Slowly, the integrity factor were on it’s version of lyse!
Possessing dual identity it’s been hard to manage,
Institution will rewards you with convocation hat with bennet !
Excellence of genuine and their voice becomes “apriy”
As this is era when you obliged to be “Karna’ priy”

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