Let your’self Shine!

In chasing , the race we hope for handful of bread!
Keeping a good will , will never let you fade
But some others intuition might let you the colours of different shades
Just come up with your true colour ,because no one is sane,
In the mob of this blunderer most of thm are insane
The fruit of the honesty seems to be sweet in mythical stories,
The philosophy and wisdom keeps on making strange theories.
The childhood every children pass on with transferring a radical,
The hopes, expectation and the fear of secure future.
Now the time come for you to come outside,.
Shred your shyness and enjoy the all perks and delights.
The question bearer will have their arrow bucket empty,
You don’t have to think will it be essential for your safety.
Just transform yourself in a fortune of your dream,
Move ahead take a charge, which you have yet not win!
This possibility is the great chance you have!
The confirmity of anything will let you to behave like a slave!
Allow youe intuition to judge in guide your path,
You will lead to wonderful destiny, which can never be dreamt off!
Your tempest inhibition, will mover a smear!
Off course , you don’t have to sacrifice anything for your dreams, just be flexible and rigid based on the situational string.
With a sense of pitty, noone can offer you a wine!
It’s your time, just give yourself enough time
To let your self shine!

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