Mary Go round!

It‘s a dawn, the empty sky was searching for its prey, looking after which the darkness stood up start to ran away…. in order to build the another trap towards canopy region. Birds were ch ripping, the sound still instills in my mind as if they were acting as detective and giving a clue to the smudgy sun rays to arrest the darkness of the dawn. But darkness is not in a situation to surrender, but just looking for another chance to escape. The lethargic condition of the dawn came into the eye of some other plain., which offer the shelter to stay a while but the sudden flick and swinging nature of the dawn changed the intention and decided to make its permanent habitat. Here the progressive rays march towards the culprit but darkness has its own game plan which instates the dawn to be in.most safest place where mean equinox is tend meet the inside out pole of the geographical globe. The rays stand still waited there for years and years centuries in a that some day he will trap the dorky dawn but the cunning and smartness of the dawn let them to be incompetent and persist till now. And the Rays with a confine attitude and known circumstances that he trap the dawn remain the false positive. The vigilant eye of the bird, mirror reflectance of the streams, the herbs and shrubs of the mountain everyone‘s effort in entrapment of the dorky phase failed. But the things which remained persist for years which enjoyed the game and played well planned marry go round exemplifies the contemporary attitude of the darkness which frames up superficially because of the sturdy attitude of the rays. The only thing which kept dawn in a safe side was its tangible attitude. Which turns to be inside out decorum in vice versa situation.

– Ankit Bisen

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