Moments of Journey!

Salt and sugar taste opposite,
Blending the portion mends Composite,
The moment you dehydrate need the both,
So why to abandon any one of them utmost,
Balance of life mean to come from them,
Just give a moment to you what you exhale,
Even a single stint of it make your moment memorable!
After every cyclone the situations are going to stable.
Never ask or question the delight of their aim
Task is similar which gives you name and fame
Strings of the life is in your hand , whether you harmonize or bang a band
Still the doors of the opportunity , never close apart
Unless your outlook have leads to its demise or depart
Sooner , new rays of hope were ready to rise
Only you have to enjoy the vary moment becoming a moron in disguise
Complaint and the quotes will transform into channels,
Excavate your out crust and enlarge your panel
Everything lies in your hand , put your kite in a proper direction and site
No moment of the struggle you fetch,
Give yourself a moment before uttering a spell
Sure and Exactness never compile the night
Disappointments and sorrows makes their importance inspite
Game of this shadow and light is common amongst the niche
But exhibition plays a role which make your journey memorable despite..

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