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Author’s note..

One child asked a simple quote to his Master what is the difference between heart and the brain, what is the connecting  relation which maintain both of them selfly regulated , one is not asking a permission to other but since they are altogether  performing well. What is a dispute amongst which makes them autonomous? The innocence has performed his job but let’s see what a logic will perform. The storms of the curiosity is now grooming amongst cerebral hemisphere of the kid and the Master. Master stood aside  claiming that he knows the answer……. Few moment, oh my god ,”I can’t bear this kid is mischievous one want drag me with filthy curiosity!” Master shout. Slowly he starts murmuring  and  hating the kid but innocence played a game so elegantly. Kid was there standing quiet but little bit strange by the behavior of his master. Next day ..Master in full disgust expel the kid from his academy.  Kid eyes were full of water, but unable to understand what his innocent question does to master. Master came out his chamber looking at the kid with a pity .Now the head of the kid fall down and the steps become as heavy as the of donkey who is carry a cotton wetted by water…… rush of the blood is flushing on his face. Now the new ideas were somersaulting in the kid hollow compartment ……Master slowly is getting apart from the fading intensity of thoughts. Slowly the pole dimagnet  is changing it’s position from north pole to south pole and south pole to north pole. Now, kid wants to work on the divisive policy slowly the place of the innocence is grabbed by futility and the induction of the reversal happening with the Master slowly feeling of the rage and anger is misplaced by mercy and gratitude and sanity take the place of the wisdom.

Hmm, So my fellow reader the above story is having a fact if want to extract but there is no teaching if you don’t want to accept.  Similar condition now prevailing the society, some wants to speak something  but other gains something else total drama ends up with cognitive deciphering  activity. Which is slowly paralyzing the young brain to churn out  focused and the mentors  are to forbiddable scar of the  brutally slaughtered  into ideological meat of the enthusiasm which turn out into a future hard skinned bark of the dead tree. Which is able to grow with wealth of the harsh phytochemicals  which needs the purification to its limit. Medically, we searched for the epidemiological data for the disordered personalities based on their affliction they are attaining in the early and latter stages of life. But it’s a time to make a choice what we want to give  to this generation I am not talking about the future generation nothing is going to happen in the future whatever is there is today. No thing is there in future. The nutshell of the present life show growing number of the slaves form the cerebral point of view . We claimed the physical challenging condition of the medical physiologically unsound person but what about the other with soundness in all senses behave in the non sense way. The message is hard to digest but once you the essence it will more harness you more the nectar which god in paradise is still lacking. These words straight from my heart which more or less tell degrading present scenario which often seems like a sand which is in our fist but slowly passes from hand because of incapability of the Sapiens.

Thank you!


-Ankiitz B’sen





-Ankiitz B’sen

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