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Agmatine: An Explorative Medica Bullet


Agmatine , a neurochemical and an aminogenic molecule whose name envelopes the miracles in a conventional heathcare system. Let’s make you introduce with this magic bullet and it stated as  Agmatine a molecule with a unique name found to be derived from –  Ag “arginine” , which has its role in the biochemical world in the form of the amino acid having  basic pH. and moreover consist of three amino groups (NH2), which constitutes a guanidine group which confirms the alone reason to make this molecule so special. The details regarding this molecule we will dicuss in detail afterwards. Before that lets have a gross tour regarding the popularity of this drug amongst common public, is as health supplement for body building. Again this drug has proposed the more promising and positively  prospected to have maximum  health benefits. As we know our complex body oragnisation, is resultant of the aggrgation of the  discreet autonomous organs. Similarly this drug is having a discreet but aggregate impact on all the sphere of the human body. Especially, its contribution in recovering the disorders and diseases related to   neuropsychological sphere has grabbed the eye of the researchers across the globe. Thus, by thriving on the motive to captivate sound physical and emotional decorum of the human lives ; I felt its my due responsiblity to put this evidence and reports to light infront of the common lives and make them understand about the rationales of the modern conventional health research in a public interest.

Natural occurrence of agmatine is found in herring fish sperm and hence known as spermine, putrescine, spermidine,agmatine, simultaneously , it founds its existence  in mammals and especially being a integrative part human brain secretion and synthesis, the area which is assigned to synthesize it is hippocampal area. However, this region of this brain found to have limited stores of this secretions, which being proactive in the early phase but in later part of life have been destined to fall into dormant state. Contemproarliy, the vital source of agmatine has also found in the plant kingdom from the oryza species.In humans, it is present in both centrally and peripherally. The enzymes which are responsible for the cleavage of this enzymes are ADC (agmatine decarboxylase), which is responsilble for the central metabolism within a brain region  and ODC(Ornithine decarboxylase) , responsible for the metabolism the peripheral tissues of the body. Agmatine is the resultant product of decarboxylation (removal of carboxyl group)- contains more cationic group hence referred as polycationic molecule of the arginine. Hence, after decarboxylation, the transformed into the small molecule which carries the peculiar characteristics of this molecule to act in dual way, based on the situation they can acts either as agonist (activator) or antagonist (deactivator) , hence referred as neuromodulator. Presentaly, an exhaustive research has been carried out across the world. It is aspected that this molecule will come up as block buster medica bullets. With modern wings of the scientific workers , the molecule came upon with the astonishing results in the sphere of the neurological , cardiovascular and other related physiological domain.  This diverse artifacts of this drug has grabbed the eyes from all over the world where the implementation in Clinical studies have envisaged plethora to validate the explorative findings.

Past history

To bring this molecule into the light , the story itself has enveloped the sacrifices of the worker who made the necessary investigation. The main pioneer who make the breakthrough about the existence of this molecule was Ludwig Karl Martin Leonhard Albrecht Kossel, popularly known as Albercht Kossel, a german biochemist was one amongst the Noble laurates of that time in the field of Physiology, who was engaged in elucidating the biochemical composition of the nucleic acid and the to detect the genetic material with in the biological cells. At , that time , he was investigating the arginase activity where he kept for fermentation alongwith arginine, which later hydrolyses it into the urea and ornithine,henceforth continuing his experimentation elucidated the agmatine from the the sperm of the herring fish (to be continued…..)



‘Bramhi’- The Booster

Good morning guys, here’s the mommy is having some nuggets out her treasure of apothecary, some of the remedies which can maintain your youthfulness thought the life. Here, Mommy is mentioning some herbs and one of my personally favorite remedy, whose praising is just like showing a lamp to the sun. Bramhi, botanically more popular as Bacopa Monniera and Mandukparni , botanically known as Centella Asiatica. The part of the plant with biological importance is leaves. This single herb has immense potential to get rid off any bodily disorder. The reckoning researches have been done in the field of the natural products. In which the bramhi found its potential position from the long era. According to the Indian texts bramhi has been referred as The daughter of the Lord Bramha , the energy which has universal power to create. But his creation got its value after the disposition of the Goddess Saraswati , a feminine form of energy which directs the creative powers to acheive their destination in the form of knowledge of any form. Hence, by understanding the characteristic of this herb has been referred as Bramhi. As, it is a small herb which found its existence in the watery areas.

How to use:-

1) Two table spoon of Bramhi, in an ounce of water. Take it in a empty stomach. Proves to be good for mental health and also works as a potential antioxidants.

2) Taking bramhi in an ounce of water after meals, at night will lead to sound sleep and you will get rid out of insomnia.

3) For the unhealthy skin and to maintain suppleness Bramhi is a drug of choice.

4) Person suffering from a stammering problems and fickle minded or absent mindedness can be rectified by Bramhi.

5) Using a Ghee along with Bramhi may lead to additive effects as it is very much powerfully act on central nervous system which is having miraculous activity on the overall health of the person.

6) Bramhi , is best remedy to maintain healthy sexual heath, as it is one which lead formation of sperm.

Note:- The remedies prescribed here are just taken from the vernacular folk remedies. And my blogs are not supporting any such malpractice of self medication. For proper, diagnosis please look after your nearby Physician.

– Ankiitz B’sen