P’aid Professor

P’aid Professor

We all have one thing in common in our younger times and afterwards also the institution which sculpted you or perished you in a present situation what we are right now;some paid a thanks whether some regrets to the institutions for the remarks they engraved on their minds. The canteens of the affairs and the bench of the amusement. Doorstep for the punishments, labs for ex’periments, peons for the suppli’ment, while rest of girls for the compliment. Looking towards the yestrr years really some notion rolls down into emotion and the following event set the phenomenon into motion. Books of the doctrines placed the seeds of different species to gets stuffed in the minds of the listeners. This stuffing leads the march towards the bearers. Novels of the high content and languages glorifies the self of the learners having contents of the stories which led the one of the common human character to appear. The rest of the movies drowns the enthusiasm in some meticulous way while teachers in every era find the role of vilain in the students play. Yes, the vilain of the stories comes out to be the biggest star because it needs a guts to make displease his present in order to make future mega star.

One incidence in the life of the position bearer change the whole session, who comes into the institution with a architectural passion. Havoc, the situation was literally seems to be practical were false hood of the existence have claimed to be superior. Finance and businesses shows their actual pursuits superficially spout. The incidence in the Professor‘s life makes the profession in the doubt. All the way in the history, teachers have been respected and revered to Superior acclaimed, this is present Kalyuga where the duty disgracefully attempted. The place of worship becomes the platform of earning with response to service. And the choice made to plead the student’s worship. The era were the truth can’t be responded with the sweet spells. The hardship has to be made in order to create superior out of best. Professor proclaimed to have been paid , power re surge in order to provide delicious supper on the desk. Alarm of the warning is whistling all the time , now acceptable smartness sometimes ruin the students future all the time. Here, the session show worries has becomes the exclaimed topic of the debate. But unfortunate self dignity is placing it to recreate. The hardship among st the student is vanishing day by day the production house is creating the peevish moron’s packaging with a handsome pay. Desk and the platform has been biased design and the result output of the dependency is its remarkable sign.

Panel has been created to vanquish the Professor’s power with sole stories refuses the dignity and chastity of the Powers. Service provider have become the hallmark of the profession…sense of ”Paidfulness” a new word has joined the modern literature.

This is there still in hand to ulift the dignity no doubts otherwise the future will question someday on your sovergnity.

By- ‘006’

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