Pain and relief!

Emotions carry a lot of weight!
How to express pattern of that state!
A gulp of agony hooked in throat!
Expression finds to move with a specific boat!
After a long time my words find a path to explore
They want to cry and roar even more!
All I deed is to give someone a piece of peace,
But no one is there to know how can get pleased!
Ignorance and insensitive  attitude of others becomes the cause of my grief,
But I have to deliver my responsibilities as a family cheif!
My love towards my fellow members is not measurable,
But my words and blunt attitude despair all that I can handle!
The echo of my pain is raising day by day,
I hope someone will come to help me out and to slay!
God’s blessing sometimes  acts like a bane,
Image transformation is all that I can play!
Now I am releasing  all my pain, that started from my vary beginning of my life, now became part of my frame!
I want vomit all of the sudden,
Let, this burden go and cheerfulness summons!
My body is getting relaxed and light,
Thinking about my loved one my face instantly shines,
Now sense of doubt and misunderstanding prevails,
At the bay of paradise my emotional ship now sails!
Bliss again resides the somatopsychological unit,
Now just moving to create miracle in a cosmological circuit!
The Era of bliss has just rose up in a enthusiastic  way,
Greeting God  for all this blessing with heartfelt pray..
This is the journey which I moved from pain to relief never dishearten your will and heart with grief there is always a ray of hope which always presides you as your best friend.
Just have a look on it stood up with confidence and vigor!
You will find no one is der to give you any pessimistic  trigor!

Ankiitz B’sen

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