Panchamruta: An elixir restricted to God


Crossing 25 years of struggling year with conceptual clarity and to fighting with own self what is the truth regarding eternal presence godlyhood entity, I came across numerous person in my day to day life which made me vowed with package full of lies which is being spoked off so confidently by pseudo intellectuals regarding the activities, rituals and austerities performed by those immensely sound minded people. It’s a problem with me that I always remained in a confused state of mind so I thought it might be right reason which they are objectively or subjectively addressing me. The first question which grabbed my attention towards the ritual practice in India whether my conventional modern bookish knowledge will help me to dig out some diamonds from it, so I moved on let me make you all aware guys I am Pharmacologcal researcher by profession which has provided a bad instinct to me to investigate unless it would lend you a productive results; so I moved first finding encountered highly conserved cabinet of my home i.e “Pooja sthanam” where we keep the iconic form universal entities…. One amongst them is Shiv Linga which I have already indicated in my previous blog but now the kind of austerities done by mother formulation of the “Panchamruta” which has been considered as a elixir composed of milk, yoghurt, ghee, honey, sugar ,basil(Tulsi) leaves it taste superb and restricted to austerities and rites up-to the god only. Means we are using those formulation to serve and deliver on the Shiva Linga afterwards massaging the Linga with our hands and pouring a water on the Linga and cleaning it by some fresh clothes. But my mind not still accepting why this thing is being performed and I moved further towards my parents and my grandma asking about it they told it’s a ancestral rites we are performing everyday afterwards I moved towards the Brahmin class asking about these thing they told me the stories depicted in Vedas and Upanishads. Till now also my now also I am not quenched now to conserve my ATPs (energy) I refused to ask anyone and paid attention towards the rational cause of such austerities dear guys you will be surprised with the thing which get to know after certain investigation is that the thing which we are using as ambrosia( prasadam) In the name of god is not just a thing that must be restricted to the Gods but it is having immense importance from Scientific point of view this Panchamruta depicts the essential rasas ( body fluids) which helps in the building block of the healthy body as well as these Panchamruta snanam ( bath) is so essential from the medical point of view that this remedy is having power tools eliminate worst disorders likes dreadful skin disease such as leprosy, acne, pimples, infectious bacterial manifestation and fungal disorder etc. This is the reason for what Lord Mahadev is considered to bed immortal as he is nourishing his body with these essential nutrients and make a healthy body by replenishing with essential amino acids which merely takes part in the detoxification of the bodily toxin makes clear blood circulation and even though in a certain prolonging mental and chronic brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia ,Paralytic condition this will act as incomparable remedy to the other marketing pharmaceutical products which makes the lives of the people even more dreadful then it seems to be. This puts the question on the Modern science Whether we falsely recognizing it as advanced or epoch making mode or we in a perishable mode of the science where the importance is given to customization of the profession to acquire more customers in that regards.

So, friends this is the era where we are questioning our ritualistic practices is good but now a days the person to whom we considered as a wise were creating illusion of religious beliefs and faith.Finally, I want to conclude my talk is in term of humanitarian values don’t disrespect our own heritage and the culture it has not been implemented to create any differences amongst the Creed and race but to fulfill your own wishes certain texts and verse had been depicted by our Supreme scientist based on the scientific grounds and please stop making nuisance and defamation of the word called “Science” in the willingness of the evidence which is totally depends upon the individual perception and it’s own experiences.

I am quitting here only for updates subscribe my website and give valuable comments on aforesaid blog and still lots of mysteries I am going unlock in the forth coming session so guys stay connected be healthy and have a pride on the diverse and specious Indian culture not blindly but with due respect and in conscious zone. Be healthy…. and Be wise.

Good bye and see you all soon

– Ankiitz B’sen

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