‘Pavilion’- The virtuous home


Some instances in life happens in a sudden jerk, which are impulsive and need a lot of efforts and energy to overcome or to reach at that place which comes towards us, as a result of our own curiosity and exploratory nature. For the time being; it shows its all facets but initially only the the attraction, infatuation and feeling closeness due to relativity of thinking, and proximity of dominant likeness character indulge you to be more open and mix with overall surrounding. But after sometime what happen suddenly the peak of the mountain despairs you to have in repulsive mode, really strange …..basic question arises why it is now relocating in the area of your dislikes. When I analyzed myself from the peak it was awesome but alone place, my coverage towards the peak goes on increasing and my network on the ground is rails it duty towards disconnecting the ranges and the relatives away from me. Slowly my body uplifts and starts to swipe off from the ground gravity with the impulse and ethereal ideology then; I have moved further but my physiological conditions got differ and unusual from the previous amplitude. And nakedness of sight has left its platform and now fleshy masses turnout to be microorganism slowly it vanishes. But when the time came to share my enthusiastic moment turning around the neck I found the white hazel which reminds me the pavilion where the people with the emotions wither and moves out of the coverage area which distort me and told the unsuccessful story of my own upliftment. Thus, idea of likeness want to be on the ground and en-chase, enchant and enjoy moment of diversity which already Almighty has enlightened me .This is how the journey of my Back to “Pavilion”. Hope you liked it in a literal sense. See you guys with my new experiences and adventure…!
-Ankiitz B’sen

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