Power=Righteous attitude

Before going through the story, I want to convey my message to all the readers, those who have guts to accept the truth only read the article otherwise neglect the message. This story starts from the ambition and ends with misery. There was a guy, polite, honest , daring and hard working are some of the feature which figure him out very well. His perception was something intuitive which makes the person to think about the events. Whenever any person talks to him he always stays and keeps a side of justice and truth. He always pretend to be in opposite fashion in any meeting arranged by authorities in whichever the institution he studied. Even the people of his own families dislikes him because of his perception and outspoken attitude. That guy always remains a quite. Sometimes, are hard for him because he was signifying a characteristic revolutionary attitude. The thinking of that guy is so simple but others were having silver coated berries to provide. And the guy has only knowledge to provide. But whenever some meets were there he talks about the values and righteous attitude. One day, his destiny want to check his firmness of the words and has created an illusion kick to know the potential present inside him. The guy was so simple that he was unaware about present worlds behavior. He was accustomed to series of incidences by the nature, he passed his senior secondary examination with a boundary marks, were his character was elicited to get blotted by name of cheater, which he avoided and move on further he get trapped in such a world were all are masters in making malpractices and ill thing were undertaking on a large scale. That guy was feeling fearsome of this event, it was a first time when he was trapped. He got opposition not only from his family but also from the his friend circle. Slowly his friends moves away from him by knowing that he quit his education from a reputed institution and got admitted in the remote area where only the person who want to get passed are being admitted. This has already created a huge trauma to that guys mind but he was strong, he keeps on going further the relatives of his blood relation were behaving with him so strangely that he was a predefined culprit. The guys has assimilated that poison if disgrace also. Next, his comrades were behaving strangely then his professor who loved him a lot look at him by suspicion. Now, the thing are getting more and more harder …… he lost his confidence and the illusionary world has trapped him were he was alone everyone was taking advantage of his softness. His feelings were getting turmoil. Now he has been declared as predetermined culprit. He loved the his relatives so much and he care for them in a true sense.Now they turn out to be pathetic. The day of judgement came his session of examination started his mind was equipped with fear, hallucination, social isolation and withdrawal. He become a matter of joke for all. All the people were judging him from his score card. But that day he won the examination which the nature has conducted i.e test of conduct. Where he has been availed with numerous stuff for mal-practicing but he denied his intuition and his principles were so strong that day he passed in the in his fate examination but failed in the academic examination. The blot was on his face for failing but the reward was there were his consciousness won. Slowly, that failure candidate moved with a lot of allegation and finally he has been accounted in the great scientist amongst the world whose name yet is of none importance because his struggle narrates the whole story which disregards the wrong path and following the path of righteousness proved. The power truth is far more than we ever imagined. Thanks

-Ankit Bisen

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